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Ucliva in Waltensburg

On the wonderfully sunny Ascension weekend in early may, we made a trip to Surselva. We were allowed to spend a very relaxing time at the Bio-Hotel (organic hotel) Ucliva. We will report about the green hotel and its sustainable approach in our next article. Today I want to present you the Ucliva restaurant. This is an important part of the hotel and attracts numerous guests from Switzerland and abroad.

Here our dinner and brunch review of the Ucliva in Waltensburg.

Biohotel Ucliva
7158 Waltensburg/Vuorz
081 941 22 42
Opening hours:
Mon-Sun 08:00-21:00

Bio Suisse Knospe

Quality The ingredients that are used in the Ucliva are mostly regional. Only what is necessary is imported. We especially like that the suppliers are carefully selected and close contact is maintained with them. This is transparently shown to the visitor by listing the names of the organic family farms in the menu card. Among these farmers is ex-Mister Switzerland Renzo Blumenthal who provides the restaurant with his specialities. Prospi ordered his organic beer and he liked it. Unfortunately the drinks are only partially organic. However all the food is certified organic. The restaurant offers typical Swiss specialities. In addition, some meals are internationaly inspired. Accordingly, many meat and dairy products are used. So, an extremely creative and versatile plant-based 3-course menu was specially prepared for us. Each course was beautifully served. The rich salad was garnished with flax seed, nuts, walnuts and strawberries. The grilled tofu was marinated with a totally delicious wild garlic pesto and was served with chive and dandelion flowers on top. In addition we got fried potatoes, asparagus and Sun-dried tomatoes. Many ingredients are seasonal. They grwo the herbs partly themselves. The mango sorbet tasted very authentic like fresh mango. We enjoyed a very good organic wine for dinner. The fresh bread from a local bakery, which was served to the salad was also very tasty.
On the following morning’s rich brunch, there were delicious breads again. As promised the brunch buffet is very versatile. There are all sorts of dried fruits, cereals, nuts and seeds. Unfortunately there was no plant-based milk, only normal as well as lactose-free cow’s milk. As we later found out they usually also have soy milk at the buffet. You will also find different meat products and cheeses, eggs, honey, jam, a wide selection of regional tea, a Coffeemachine, juices and fresh fruit.

Service We believe the service has radiated a lo of friendliness. We were under the impression that all people enjoy working at the Ucliva. At dinner, we were asked whether we would like to have a break between courses or not, I found it very helpful. Suitable for the place the waiters weren’t stressed and calm. We were asked several times if everything is good. That showed us that our well-being was important to them. We told them in advance that we have a vegan diet. The restaurant Ucliva reacted very courteous. They often have the situation that guests want vegan food and they would then think about something.

Ambiente The ambiance is very cozy. One of the reasons is that the dining room is built with lots of wood. The upper parts of the walls, who are white, also bring some light into the room. The interior design reflects a successful mix of tradition and modernity. In addition, it has a lot nature oriented and lovingly arranged decoration. When we were there, there were homemade moss balls on the tables and in the windows, which were also sold. There’s a great sun terrace with a great view between the entrance of the House and the garden, where we enjoyed a glass of champagne. The location is absolutely idyllic and quiet. The restaurant is equipped with a small playground suitable for children.

Preis The prices for the food and drinks are average. Thanks to the high quality of the ingredients, they are more than justified.

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It’s so cozy at the restaurant Ucliva.

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It was really wonderful to enjoy an aperitif with the best weather on the sun terrace of the Ucliva.

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This is the vegan 3-course menu, specially prepared for us.

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Here you see the beautiful salad, garnished with strawberries and all kinds of nuts.

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The wild garlic pesto has adapted really well to the fried tofu.

The totally delicious organic wine and the beer by Renzo Blumenthal.

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We got this colorful and fruity dessert at the end of the dinner.

We could hardly decide which tea we should choose.

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We got the qualitative bread from the buffet.

Restaurant-Ucliva-Hotel-Review-Rezension (15 of 18)
Several beautifully served jams and other spreads were part of the brunch.

Restaurant-Ucliva-Hotel-Review-Rezension (11 of 18)
Cheese and meat come from the region.

Restaurant-Ucliva-Hotel-Review-Rezension (12 of 18)
Cereal lovers are well served with the Ucliva breakfast buffet.

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Various varieties of fruits are available for the guests.

Various typical Swiss sweets are available on the afternoon card.

We were allowed to look behind the scenes at the Ucliva restaurant in detail. We’ll soon show you how it looks like in the kitchen, the pantry and the herb garden.

Do you know the Ucliva in Waltensburg? Then leave a comment with your impressions. This is valuable to us and the other readers.

Kind regards
Lisa and Prospi

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