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The time has come! – To Real Life gets a new face

It is a strange time. And it is a time of change – at least here at to Real Life. In the midst of all this chaos, we have great news! After a long period of silence on this blog, because we are busy with other projects (more on this below), we are finally sharing some news with you. There is a wonderful new face behind to Real Life: Rita Pedro.

Rita and Lisa have known each other since childhood. Through various detours, they both became passionate about a holistic sustainable lifestyle. Rita has such a broad knowledge and above all an enthusiastic interest in this area. You were able to get to know two super delicious recipes from her in the last two articles. Now she will take over this website entirely. We couldn’t imagine a better successor for to Real Life!

This was to Real Life with Prosper and Lisa:

Five years ago we started this blog – simply because we were inspired and wanted to share our inspirations. With passion we wrote articles every week. We wanted to share great recipes, organic restaurants, projects, people and other inspirations with the world. Shortly later, we were asked by a co-working space in a small community to give a lecture on wholesome and vegan cooking. We immediately agreed. The event was fully booked and met with great interest from a totally mixed audience. That is why we have organized further lectures and workshops with joint cooking in various cities. A little later, a bar in Zurich offered us to organize a vegan brunch in their location. We were overrun with over 100 people. The feedback was so positive that we organized further brunch and 4-course dinners in Zurich and Bern. Little by little we were invited to speak and do show cookings at Swiss sustainability events such as VeggieWorld Zurich 2016. All of this gave us great pleasure and we thank all supporters and participants for the trust and the great encounters.

This is how it continues:

Rita is 30 years old and studied archaeology. Originally from Portugal, she now lives in Cambridge with her boyfriend. In her free time, she enjoys taking care of her vegetable garden, trying out new vegan recipes, doing yoga, making all kinds of household items herself, and much more. You will soon learn more about her directly from her! Although she is an absolute language talent, she doesn’t speak German. Therefore, this blog will only be continued in English in the future.

«To Real Life» continues to represent the way to a life in harmony with ourselves, our fellow human beings and the environment – full of moments of true joy.

And what happens with us?

Prosper has started an Executive MBA course with a focus on “Technology” and couldn’t be happier with it. He soaks up the newly acquired knowledge with a lot of interest and prepares himself for new projects. At the same time, he continues to pursue his passion for everything digital with all its innovative possibilities.

Lisa discovered her enthusiasm for holistic medical systems in her ethnology studies. For her master’s thesis, she examined the Nepalese babymassage according to the Newar tradition and its significance in Switzerland. After completing her studies, she did a professional training as a babymassage instructor. In addition, she trained as a holistic nutrition and health coach. She is now fully focused on women’s health, currently with courses in Newar babymassage for young mothers and with support for women who want to harmonize their menstrual cycle. You can find out more about it on her website:

Speaking of young mothers, we had the pleasure to welcome our daughter Naomi last November. We are incredibly grateful for this little miracle. Being a parent is a big and SO beautiful project, which of course also keeps us very busy.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for accompanying us on to Real Life in whatever way.

We say goodbye to to Real Life and are very excited to see what happens here!

All the best

Lisa und Prosper

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  • Reply Kische 11. May, 2020 at 12:43

    Thank you Lisa and Prosper. I enjoyed your blogs and recipes.

  • Reply shepherdschildcare 11. May, 2020 at 13:28

    Thank you Lisa and Prosper, it has been a great journey I believe and am one of those people that has followed you well. Besides having Lisa volunteer at Shepherd’s House and seeing many families happy because of her was a heart warming. God bless you in this new journey as always we will go with you. Lots of from Shepherd’s House Childcare Ministries Uganda

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