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Lemon Biscuits

Happy Halloween to all! I hope you are enjoying a spooky celebration and that you already bought our Halloween Pumpkin Cookbook (e-book)! Today I bring you a fun recipe for this Halloween. Who doesn’t like cookies? If you have a sweet tooth and you like crunchy cookies these lemon biscuits recipe is for you! This is also a great alternative to use the leftovers of the dough used for the pumpkin pie from our Halloween Pumpkin Cookbook (e-book).

They are a good treat for those who have a sweet tooth, and fun to do with family, especially kids. You can also use these lemon biscuits for trick-or-treating!

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3 Vegan Rissóis recipe (Portuguese patties)
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3 Vegan Rissóis recipes (Portuguese pasties)

Today I’m sharing with you 3 Vegan Rissóis recipes (Portuguese pasties). Rissóis are very popular patties in Portugal, made with a very specific pasta/dough and normally filled up with meat or shrimp. It has been years since I last ate one until I decided to make my 100% plant-based/vegan version of Rissóis. Today I’m sharing with you how to do these pasties with 3 different flavours: Rissol with spiced lentils and Rissol with tofu with veggies and Rissol with mushrooms and leeks.

What are Rissóis?

When I was a child, I spent a lot of time with my grandparents. My nana used to cook a lot of traditional Portuguese dishes, and my sister and I used to help her in the kitchen when we finished our homework. One of the things I loved helping with (and eating) was doing Rissóis. Rissol is the word we use for the singular and Rissóis is for the plural (eg. 1 Rissol and 2 Rissóis). They are part of one of the most traditional dishes in Portuguese gastronomy and, although is normally part of the main dish, you can also have them as a snack.

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CABBAGE ROLLS & ‘cheesy’ Sour Sauce

Today I bring you a delicious wholefood, plant-based recipe that has as a protagonist tasty spring cabbage. It is super tasty, easy to do, and it looks stunning when you serve it. It becomes even better when you add the ‘cheesy’ cashew sour sauce: best combo! I would like, though, to start today’s article introducing myself and welcoming you to the new phase of the To Real Life.

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