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8 habits to improve mental health

Today’s article ‘8 habits to improve mental health’ is all about how, with simple tips, can we create a routine that will promote good mental wellbeing. They are simple and easy steps that I gather from my own experience and readings, that helped me going out from my dark place and still now helps me keep it up. We often try to look after our bodies and tend to forget to take care of our mind and emotions. We ignore the importance of mental health and how it can impact our physical health.

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Cookbook Review: “The Plantpower Way” & Cashew Milk

I was really surprised how easy it can be to make plant-based milk, when I tried out the recipe of “The Plantpower Way”. There are many recipes of homemade nut milk. But I really like the fact, that it is possible to make it within 5 minutes for immediate consumption. We like to drink this white drink with its mild taste just as it is or sweetened with a little honey. But you can also refine it with spices, mix it with granola or use it in other recipes. This particular cashew milk is not the only thing I like about “The Plantpower Way”. This book contains many elements that make it not only a cooking inspiration, but also a life inspiration. The content is so positive, that I close the book full of hope and with a smile in my face, whenever I’ve read some pages.

Here is my review of Rich Roll and Julie Piatt’s “The Plantpower Cookbook”.
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Dinner Cheap & Healthy Part 4: Lentil Veggie Stew with Brown Rice

It’s time again for a Cheap & Healthy recipe. During our holidays in Seattle we’ve made a lot of culinary experiences. Of course, we wanted to try out as many organic restaurant and new dishes or ingredients as possible. We didn’t pay too much attention on how much money we spent. Back at home, we find it important again to notice that good and healthy food doesn’t always have to be expensive. Sometimes, all we want is to enjoy a simple dinner requiring little preparation and containing only a few ingredients that are really cheap.
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Dinner Cheap & Healthy Part 3: Tomato-Eggplant-Olive-Penne with Roasted Sunflower Seeds

Can you guess what I missed the most when I was on holidays? Organic vegetables! It was quite difficult and sometimes even impossible to find organic groceries in Portugal. I realised that we are really privileged here in Switzerland in this regard. There are many grocery stores offering a wide selection of certified organic products. Organic food production convinces me. I buy organic food for the sake of my health and in respect of the environment.
When people get to know this, they often ask me if this isn’t extremely expensive. In my opinion, this doesn’t have to be the case. If you take a little time (and I really mean only a little…) to cook your own meals, it will be possible to eat healthy, organic and cheap at the same time. I hope that more and more people will grab this opportunity. This is why I will continue my post series called „Cheap & Healthy“ today. Of course, I won’t neglect the enjoyment factor. The Mediterranean Pasta that I’m going to show you is very tasty!
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Dinner Cheap & Healthy Part 2: Carrot Ginger Soup with Avocado Crispbread

I hope you are all well. I’m sitting with Prospi in a bar in Porto and listening to an outdoor concert while writing this article. Since we arrived in Porto, we have been living Real Life to it’s fullest: Family, friends, interesting conversations, walks, sea air, great food, port wine,… Regarding the blog recipes, we started making videos before our holidays. In the latest recipe video we published just before leaving I show you how to do our popular homemade Nutella. You can watch it on our Youtube channel.

Two weeks ago, I’ve started a post series called “Cheap & Healthy” with a baked potatoes recipe. Today I want to show you another cheap, healthy, vegan and super easy dinner, that is light and perfect for summer evenings!

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Dinner Cheap & Healthy Part 1: Baked Potatoes and Veggies with Cashew Sour Cream

Hello everyone!

Today I start a post series called “Cheap & Healthy”.

Prospi and I have often been asked:

“Is it possible to eat healthy and at the same time cheap?”

I could write a whole article to answer this question. Of course it depends on what you consider as healthy and what as cheap. But the short answer is: YES. I’m convinced that you can eat healthy without spending a lot of money.

Many people would like to eat healthy, but see the costs as an obstacle. This is why I want to show you with this post series how you can enjoy delicious and healthy dinners that are really cheap.

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