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8 habits to improve mental health

Today’s article ‘8 habits to improve mental health’ is all about how, with simple tips, can we create a routine that will promote good mental wellbeing. They are simple and easy steps that I gather from my own experience and readings, that helped me going out from my dark place and still now helps me keep it up. We often try to look after our bodies and tend to forget to take care of our mind and emotions. We ignore the importance of mental health and how it can impact our physical health.

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Salmorejo from Cordoba: preventing food waste
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Salmorejo from Cordoba: preventing food waste

Today I bring you an amazing Spanish recipe, perfect for the summer and typically from Cordoba, a town located in Andalusia, near Seville, the ‘Salmorejo from Cordoba: preventing food waste’. Cordoba is a town with a lot of history and archaeology. What sticks me the most is the Moorish architecture, the bright light colours and flowers that provide a bit of freshness in the extremely hot summers. To fight the hot temperatures during the hot summer months, some recipes flourished, being the Salmorejo from Cordoba one of them. It doesn’t involve cooking and you only need 4 ingredients.

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La Fauxmagerie. Plant-based artisanal cheesemonger

Friendship & La Fauxmagerie

This weekend one of my dearest friends came to visit me in Cambridge. Hugo lives in London, and he moved out of Portugal just before I did. We lived so many things together. One of the best memories I share with him is our backpack trip to Romania, Serbia and Hungary back in 2015. We both love bread and cheese. Consequently, and also due to our low budget for the trip, we ate loads of it.

In honour to our old times (and because he knows that I opt for a sustainable vegan lifestyle) he surprised me with this absolutely delicious artisanal cheeses, spreads and scones. He bought them in the UK’s first plant-based artisanal cheesemonger La Fauxmagerie.

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