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Creamy peas hummus
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Creamy Peas Hummus

I love dips (as you may have noticed), in particular Hummus. I normally like to stick to the traditional recipe. There was one time when I happened to not have chickpeas at home. I found peas and I thought ‘why not?’. I was surprised about how delicious it turned out to be. From then on, this Creamy Peas Hummus became one of my favourite dips recipe.

This is super easy and fast to do recipe – just like I like it. It takes about 5 minutes to do and all you need is a maximum of 6 ingredients and a blender.

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Salmorejo from Cordoba: preventing food waste
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Salmorejo from Cordoba: preventing food waste

Today I bring you an amazing Spanish recipe, perfect for the summer and typically from Cordoba, a town located in Andalusia, near Seville, the ‘Salmorejo from Cordoba: preventing food waste’. Cordoba is a town with a lot of history and archaeology. What sticks me the most is the Moorish architecture, the bright light colours and flowers that provide a bit of freshness in the extremely hot summers. To fight the hot temperatures during the hot summer months, some recipes flourished, being the Salmorejo from Cordoba one of them. It doesn’t involve cooking and you only need 4 ingredients.

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Russian Salad with Plant-Based Mayonnaise Sauce

We are often asked for plant-based barbecue ideas. There is actually a lot you can make. A simple classic are zucchini and eggplant slices with a little oil and salt. We also like to grill cobs, stuffed mushrooms (for example with our cashew sour cream) or avocado halves. Marinated vegetable kebabs, sometimes with mushrooms or tofu, are also very tasty.

For the side dishes, there are no limits. One of the side dishes that we especially love for barbecues is Russian Salad. Normally, Russian Salad is made with lots of mayonnaise containing eggs. However, in our recipe we suggest a very authentic and tasty plant-based mayonnaise sauce. It is super quick and easy to prepare. Of course, it is extremely versatile. If you mix it with potatoes, peas and carrots, you get a delicious, satisfying, nutritious and high-protein Russian Salad. Its mild taste fits perfectly with the rich roast flavors from the grill.
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Oriental Green Salad with Chickpeas and Tahini Lemon Dressing

At the beginning, there was the dressing. While preparing a quick lunch without thinking too much about how I would do it, I spontaneously mixed tahini, lemon juice and garam masala. As soon as I tried some, I was thrilled by this dressing and knew I would make it again. Next was the salad. At this time of the year, I can buy local organic salad in different colors and shapes everywhere. This is why I chose to combine the dressing with some green salad. Then, I started adding more ingredients until the dish was complete. This oriental salad has so many intense flavors that complement each other excellently. On a hot summer day, it constitutes a perfect lunch. You can prepare it in the evening before and take it to work. I recommend you to look for a suntrap and enjoy it outdoors. 😉

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6 Recipes with 3 or less Ingredients: Quick Wholegrain Bread, Chocolate Spread, Olive Spread, Mulled Wine, Roasted Trail Mix, Cinnamon Apple Sauce

Hi everybody!

I hope you’ve started well into the new year and are ready to take the next steps of your personal hero’s journey.

Many of you have been following our Advent calendar 2015. Thank you so much for your support and the positive feedback!

Today I want to share again all the recipes of the Advent calendar in this article. These recipes are incredibly easy and require only 2 or 3 ingredients. For most of them we’ve made a little video. I’m sure you feel like trying out some of them soon. There are just so many things that are worth preparing yourself.

And these are the recipes:

– Quick Wholegrain Bread
– Chocolate Spread
– Olive Spread
– Mulled Wine without Refined Sugar
– Roasted Trail Mix
– Homemade Cinnamon Apple Sauce

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Cookbook Review: “Krautkopf” & The Best Baked Samosas

WOW! This book is fantastic. A real artwork – in terms of culinary and photography. The day I got the parcel with the cookbook of food bloggers Susann Probst and Yannic Schon was a very happy day. Some days later, I took the time to leaf through the whole book while sitting on the couch and having a cup of tea. As I’m so thrilled about it, I absolutely want to present this book to you today. As always in our cookbook reviews, I’ll share a favorite recipe with you. This time it’s going to be the very best baked samosas.

Here is my review of Susann Probst and Yannic Schon’s cookbook “Krautkopf – Vegetarisch kochen und geniessen.

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Cookbook Review: “Vibrant Food” & Roasted Beets with Chimichurri

It’s autumn. The hot days in Switzerland are over. This rich summer was absolutely wonderful. I’m so thankful for all the great moments we had experienced.

During the first summer days I wrote our first blog article in which I shared the recipe of my beloved strawberry tiramisu. Meanwhile, many other recipes, a recipe overview, Switzerland’s most comprehensive organic restaurant directory, several restaurant reviews, two totally inspiring portraits and much more has been added. We are also active on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube. After only a summer of Journey to Real Life, I already feel that I have learned incredibly much about blogging. Of course, this motivates me even more to continue.

Recently, I decided to present you my favorite cookbooks by answering some questions and showing a recipe that I’ve tried out. I already published a review of Attila Hildmann’s book “Vegan to Go”, from which I presented the recipe for homemade wraps in a text and a video. Today I want to introduce the wonderful cookbook “Vibrant Food“. The recipe I selected contains loads of roots that you can currently buy very well from local production in Switzerland. As a sauce, the author proposes an Argentinean chimichurri.

Here is my review of the cookbook “Vibrant Food” by Kimberley Hasselbrink.
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Dinner Cheap & Healthy Part 2: Carrot Ginger Soup with Avocado Crispbread

I hope you are all well. I’m sitting with Prospi in a bar in Porto and listening to an outdoor concert while writing this article. Since we arrived in Porto, we have been living Real Life to it’s fullest: Family, friends, interesting conversations, walks, sea air, great food, port wine,… Regarding the blog recipes, we started making videos before our holidays. In the latest recipe video we published just before leaving I show you how to do our popular homemade Nutella. You can watch it on our Youtube channel.

Two weeks ago, I’ve started a post series called “Cheap & Healthy” with a baked potatoes recipe. Today I want to show you another cheap, healthy, vegan and super easy dinner, that is light and perfect for summer evenings!

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Peanut Ginger Dressing and Chickpea Millet Salad

Have you already tried peanut dressing? If not, it’s high time to make your own! (And if yes, too…) Beside peanuts my version contains ginger, honey, balsamico and dill. An absolutely heavenly combination.

I specially like to use this dressing with a chickpea millet salad. Millet is a delicious gluten-free cereal that looks similar to couscous. In this recipe it soaks the thick peanut ginger dressing and gets a very strong taste. Chickpeas and some fried vegetables are a good addition.

Of course you can create your own salad and give it an exotic touch with this peanut ginger dressing. For example, you can make a salad based on lettuce, rice or asian noodles.

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