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Ryokan Usagiyama Hasenberg in Widen

As you may already know, we are very interested in Japanese culture and love Japanese food. As a consequence, it was a great experience for us to get to know the only Ryokan in Europe. A Ryokan is a traditionally decorated Japanese hotel. At the Ryokan Hasenberg, located in the heart of Switzerland, you’ll find a very diverse culinary offer. Guests can choose between the sushi bar, the à la carte restaurant and the exquisite Kaiseki restaurant called Usagiyama. We enjoyed a wonderful Kaiseki menu, which consisted of eight courses.

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Other Restaurants

Hotel Swiss in Kreuzlingen

We were invited to a 5-course gourmet dinner and to stay a night at the Hotel Swiss in the town of Kreuzlingen near Lake Constance. The Hotel Swiss is the first and only 100% vegan hotel in Switzerland. This applies to the food as well as the textiles and the personal care products in the bathrooms. On Friday evening, the operator and top chef Raphael Lüthy and his team offer the mentioned 5-course gourmet dinner, where individual courses can also be ordered. We were curious of we could expect.

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Organic Restaurants

Ucliva in Waltensburg

On the wonderfully sunny Ascension weekend in early may, we made a trip to Surselva. We were allowed to spend a very relaxing time at the Bio-Hotel (organic hotel) Ucliva. We will report about the green hotel and its sustainable approach in our next article. Today I want to present you the Ucliva restaurant. This is an important part of the hotel and attracts numerous guests from Switzerland and abroad.

Here our dinner and brunch review of the Ucliva in Waltensburg. Continue Reading

Recipes, Tips

Cookbook Review “Asiatisch Kochen” & Sesame Ginger Cookies

Do you already know where you travel this summer? I’m making a trip to Japan. In general, I always find it very enriching to get to know new places and cultures. I’ve never been to Asia yet and I’m absolutely looking forward to it! This sense of anticipation made me read a bit about Japanese cuisine. I’m currently excited by buying Japanese ingredients in our local health food stores and transforming them into simple meals (such as this, this and this).

There is a book called “Asiatisch Kochen” (“Asian Cooking”) that offers a great introduction to the Japanese cuisine. However, the recipe of this book that I’m going to share with you is not Japanese, but Korean. The latest Japanese food I bought was black sesame seeds. When I saw those stylish and tasty-looking sesame ginger cookies in the book, I knew I had to make them. You’ll find the recipe, if you scroll down. The cookies were at least as delicious as expected. Maybe I’ll also need to go to Korea once so to explore more flavors of this interesting country… 😉

Here is my review of Jody Vassalo and Emily Ezekiel’s “Asiatisch Kochen”.

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Organic Restaurants

Hammam Basar Salon in Zurich

We visited the Hammam Basar Salon on a Sunday afternoon, after visiting the Swiss National Museum in Zurich for the first time. Although the whole week had been sunny, on Sunday it was very cold outside. That’s why we enjoyed the cosy atmosphere in the Hammam Basar Salon even more. We met with good friends and spent a perfect Sunday afternoon with exciting conversations, laughter and good food.

Here our review for the Hammam Basar Salon in Zurich. Continue Reading

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Recipes, Tips

Cookbook Review “Gesund Kochen ist Liebe” & Millet Pilaf

«Gesund Kochen ist Liebe» is german and means «Cooking Healthy is Love». Isn’t this a beautiful title that Veronika Pachala has chosen for her cookbook? Cooking a healthy meal is really a wonderful way to express ones love. The author does this everyday for her little daugher and her husband. With her blog «Carrots for Claire» and the new cookbook, she aims to inspire other people to do the same. In my opinion, this sentence can also be reversed: “Cooking with love is healthy”. The more love we put into the preparation of a meal, the healthier and tastier it is for the person who eats it. In a book about ayurvedic nutrition I recently bought, a whole chapter is dedicated to this principle. This is why I recommend you to treat the ingredients as lovingly as you can and to have positive thoughts when preparing the delicious millet pilaf I’m going to present you. The recipe for the millet pilaf is so great that I already made it several times as a side dish. It is from Veronika Pachala’s cookbook «Gesund kochen ist Liebe». What else there is to discover in this book, I’ll tell you in this article.

Here is my review of Veronika Pachala’s «Gesund Kochen ist Liebe».

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Other Restaurants

Restaurant Bacio in Basel

We already know the organic restaurant Bacio, located in the heart of Basel for a long time. Since we had totally positive memories, the Ayurvedic cuisine currently particularly interestes us and we were in Basel anyway to get to know Melanie Gerber and to make a Portrait of her, it was obvious to go there again. We spent a wonderful evening with great conversations and tasty food.

Here our dinner review of the Bacio in Basel. Continue Reading


Book Review: « Never Eat Alone » – The Power of Relationships for a Fulfilling Life

Never eat alone. A philosophy that has truly changed my life.

Now, at Christmas time, when the family comes together, we are the more conscious about the relevancy of this principle Lisa’s Coconut Curry with Chickpeas and Vegetables is the ideal recipe to put this principle into practice, when inviting friends and family over for dinner.

The sentence “Never Eat Alone” comes from Keith Ferrazzi’s book with the same title. When I started reading this Book I had no idea how much it would influence me.

Never eat alone is a business book, which describes how success in life and business is predicated by the relationships we have. Do relationships lead to professional success or do the relationships we build and maintain make up success in life by themselves? I opted for the second option and since then found the woman of my dreams, my dream job and my dream life.

In this article I describe the lessons of finding fulfilment in life through the power of relationships, which I’ve learned from the book and been able to implement in my personal life and in the relationship between Lisa and me.

Here our book review on Keith Ferrazzi’s “Never Eat Alone.

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Other Restaurants

Gärtnerei in Bern

The Gärtnerei is a healthy fast-food restaurant chain, which has 3 more locations in Zurich as well as the location in Bern. They combine sustainability and enjoyment, with the demand for quick meals. Their attention to sustainability also shows with the packaging and the delivery service, which delivers by bicycles. Soups, salads and sandwiches can be eaten there all day, and warm bowls from 6 pm.

Here our lunch review for the Gärtnerei in Bern. Continue Reading

Organic Restaurants

Vegelateria and The Sacred in Zurich

The Vegelateria is a vegan restaurant, a small organic store, a take-away and a Gelateria in Zurich. For being such a great place to eat well, too little attention is paid to it. The restaurant part is called “The Sacred and Secret Way of Amazing Strength,” short “The Sacred”. There you find a buffet of different with love made vegan dishes before concluding with an ice cream of the Gelateria.

Here our dinner review of the Vegelateria and The Sacred in Zurich. Continue Reading