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CABBAGE ROLLS & ‘cheesy’ Sour Sauce

Today I bring you a delicious wholefood, plant-based recipe that has as a protagonist tasty spring cabbage. It is super tasty, easy to do, and it looks stunning when you serve it. It becomes even better when you add the ‘cheesy’ cashew sour sauce: best combo! I would like, though, to start today’s article introducing myself and welcoming you to the new phase of the To Real Life.

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13 Documentaries That Will Change The Way You See The World

Films have the ability to draw our attention and turn our lives upsidedown in a very short period of time. Some show an alternative world that sparkes our creativity and makes us dream. Others point out deplorable state of affairs,, which prompt us to change our lives.

For Lisa and me, documentaries have had a great influence on our thinking and actions. We want to share this with you. Therefore, we have listed 13 documentaries which could change the way you see the world. Continue Reading