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Banana & Strawberry Ice-Cream

I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ice-cream!!

My life is often very busy and not always I have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen preparing fancy dishes. Nevertheless, and as you might have seen by now, you can easily create delicious and yet very simple recipes with very little effort or time. Today’s recipe fits perfectly in that category, having an extra bonus of helping you reducing food waste in your house. A delicious, wholefood, plant-based and super easy to do Ice-cream.

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Creamy Hot Chocolate with Hazelnut

A lot has happened since New Year’s Eve. We had a very successful to Real Life Gourmet Dinner in Bern. Thanks again to all who came! In addition, I have just finished a training as a baby massage instructor, we are about to move to a new city, and preparations for the big brunch next Sunday are also happening right now. But somehow we are still at the beginning of the year. There is so much more to come. Isn’t this awesome? I have a very good feeling for this year. I believe that several wonderful things will happen..

My biggest learning of the last year, however, is that everything is going to be fine anyway, if I have a positive attitude and take things calmly. Prospi has already told you about my final thesis for the university, which I wrote following the 80/20 principle. Our wedding in September was another great example of this learning. I deliberately put myself in a positive vibe and decided to enjoy the special day without sticking to the idea that everything will be perfect. Even if the marquee would collapse and heavy rain would start at the same time, I could accept this situation and continue to celebrate. In the end, nothing collapsed, and the weather was fantastic. But this attitude has allowed me to take everything as it came, and to enjoy an absolutely magical and unforgettable wedding day full of love and positive energy. Of course, not everything came as planned. It was imperfectly perfect. And that’s how life is.

Are you also looking forward to finding out what 2018 is going to offer?

You can create a very joyful moment for yourself if you take 5 minutes to make the vegan, wholesome and extremely delicious hot chocolate I’m showing you today. I usually make this kind of hot beverages with our blender. But as I know that not all of you have a powerful blender at home, I’ve created a version that can be made with a normal hand blender.

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Caramel Cream with Vanilla Apples (no refined sugar)

Are you looking for a super quick and yet impressive dessert for a spontaneous summer barbecue evening with friends? Then we have the solution for you. This caramel cream consists of only three ingredients and is actually very easy to prepare. Instead of refined sugar, caramelized dates provide a wonderful flavor. The cream tastes particularly delicious in combination with the vanilla apples. It’s a light sweet pleasure for hot days. This dessert contains healthy fats and other precious nutrients. It is also an excellent snack or breakfast. When there are leftovers, I add them into my oatmeal.
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3 Chocolate Bars: Inca/Goji/Raspberry, Cocoa/Maca, Coconut/Lemon

Hi everybody

I hope you’re all well and enjoy – in accord with our last article – the time of your life. We still have a lot of ideas for Journey to Real Life and make a big effort not to do everything at the same time, because it is just impossible. 😉 All the workshops we did this year with you have been a lot of fun. This is why we decided to make two more workshops in December. We are going to cook together a three-course holiday dinner. Register now, if you want to take part. We are already looking forward to it.

And now I’ll switch to the homemade chocolate bars because you really should try them! We have become big fans of them. Whenever I make them, they are eaten within a few days. For the three tastes, we use the raw bars of the brand Veganz. When I developed this recipe, I thought I’d choose one of the three flavours. But they all turned out so delicious in such different ways, that I decided to share them all with you. However, my favourite one is the chocolate bar with the refreshing flavours of coconut and lemon. But also the combination of berries and chocolate is fantastic. And the true chocolate lovers are going to adore the intense maca/cocoa chocolate bars. Of course, you can also use any other kinds of raw bars for this recipe. The biscuit and the chocolate coating are homemade. In this article, I’m going to show you how easy this can be made.

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Cookbook Review “Asiatisch Kochen” & Sesame Ginger Cookies

Do you already know where you travel this summer? I’m making a trip to Japan. In general, I always find it very enriching to get to know new places and cultures. I’ve never been to Asia yet and I’m absolutely looking forward to it! This sense of anticipation made me read a bit about Japanese cuisine. I’m currently excited by buying Japanese ingredients in our local health food stores and transforming them into simple meals (such as this, this and this).

There is a book called “Asiatisch Kochen” (“Asian Cooking”) that offers a great introduction to the Japanese cuisine. However, the recipe of this book that I’m going to share with you is not Japanese, but Korean. The latest Japanese food I bought was black sesame seeds. When I saw those stylish and tasty-looking sesame ginger cookies in the book, I knew I had to make them. You’ll find the recipe, if you scroll down. The cookies were at least as delicious as expected. Maybe I’ll also need to go to Korea once so to explore more flavors of this interesting country… 😉

Here is my review of Jody Vassalo and Emily Ezekiel’s “Asiatisch Kochen”.

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Almond Cookies

Hi everybody

Have you already noticed that there hasn’t been any cookie recipe on this blog until now? 😮 Actually, we love cookies. Especially if they contain almonds. And tasty spices such as Ceylon cinnamon, vanilla and cardamom. And some red lentils for the perfect consistency. And some chopped sweet dates hidden under a heavenly chocolate almond butter coating.

We like these almond cookies because they are an awesome nutritious and sweet snack when we are on the road. But we also enjoy them as a dessert together with a good cup of hot tea.

By the way, they also taste delicious without the chocolate topping. In this way, they are prepared very quickly. You decide, if you prefer them with or without. The size can also vary. For those, who don’t have the patience to form lots of small cookies or just prefer biting into a huge cookie, there is the possibility to make them bigger.

If you scroll down, you’ll find a video, in which I show you how to bake these almond cookies. Have fun with this recipe! 🙂
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6 Recipes with 3 or less Ingredients: Quick Wholegrain Bread, Chocolate Spread, Olive Spread, Mulled Wine, Roasted Trail Mix, Cinnamon Apple Sauce

Hi everybody!

I hope you’ve started well into the new year and are ready to take the next steps of your personal hero’s journey.

Many of you have been following our Advent calendar 2015. Thank you so much for your support and the positive feedback!

Today I want to share again all the recipes of the Advent calendar in this article. These recipes are incredibly easy and require only 2 or 3 ingredients. For most of them we’ve made a little video. I’m sure you feel like trying out some of them soon. There are just so many things that are worth preparing yourself.

And these are the recipes:

– Quick Wholegrain Bread
– Chocolate Spread
– Olive Spread
– Mulled Wine without Refined Sugar
– Roasted Trail Mix
– Homemade Cinnamon Apple Sauce

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Chestnut Mousse Tart

I’m actually not a big fan of autumn … Since I’m an early riser, the time in the year in which the sun rises before the alarm clock goes off, is very short. Once the sun rises when I am already at my work desk, summer is definitely over. People are nostalgic. Satisfied, but nostalgic. The omnipresent summery good mood is gone. Everything is quiet. Everyone is busy following his working routine. Regarding this, in my opinion we could skip one and a half months to already reach the romantic and festive pre-Christmas time…

But when it comes to food, autumns is the best time of the year! I love the hearty tastes of autumnal dishes and the magnificent edible plants that we can harvest locally in autumn. Numerous types of squashes, apples, pears, mushrooms, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, grapes, various nuts… and of course chestnuts. All these foods provided by nature in autumn are so delicious that they don’t even need to be seasoned or processed a lot.

They don’t need to, but they can! Chestnuts baked in the oven with a little salt are absolutely delicious. However, they still have a much greater potential. For example, there is chestnut flour made out of raw chestnuts. Chestnut flour is gluten-free. Since it is slightly sweet in taste, it is ideal for the preparation of desserts.

I have recently discovered the wonderful combination of chestnut and cocoa. This combination makes the basis of the tart I show you today. By using chestnut flour, which is very finely ground, the tart filling is fantastically creamy. The flavorful crust contains among others walnuts that are currently falling straight from the trees in Switzerland. If you like the taste of chestnuts and want to make yourself a big (I was about to write “small”, but that would be an understatement) pleasure in the middle of the quiet autumn life, you have to try the recipe.

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Plum Tart

I have a new dessert recipe for the fruit lovers among you! The strong plum taste combined with lots of cinnamon makes this tart sooo delicious. The recipe has two particular features:

  1. I don’t use fresh plums, but dried ones that I soak overnight. As dried fruits are naturally very sweet, I don’t need to use a lot of other sweeteners. Besides the plums, I add only 5 dates to make this tart sufficiently sweet. No sugar or honey is needed. Furthermore, I always have dried fruits at home. Whenever I want, I can make this tart without planning a grocery shopping for fresh fruits in advance.
  2. Below the fruits, there is a wonderful thick cream made out of cashews. If you regularly read my recipe articles, you know how much I love cashews. Of course, I also like to experiment with other nuts and seeds (like for ex. for the vegetable quiche). Though, my absolutely favorite ingredient to make vegan and soy-free alternatives for dairy products are cashews.This plum tart is not only a great dessert, but can also be enjoyed as a healthy snack. You can eat some dried fruits, some nuts and a slice of wholegrain spelt bread. Regarding the ingredients, there wouldn’t be a big difference. But for the taste, I recommend you choosing the slice of plum tart! 😉

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Lemon Tart (with 4 ingredients)


Are you all on holiday reading this article on your mobile phone while laying at the beach and getting tanned? I’m enjoying the incredible summer weather in Switzerland. But I’m also looking forward to finally leave to Portugal next week. For those who don’t know it, I’m half Portuguese. I go to Portugal every year. I just love this country (and I think my love is contagious and infected Prospi).

When I’m in Portugal during summer, I always visit my aunt. She is an artist living in a big and messy house. The garden of this house is paradise! What I love the most is the giant lemon tree that produces hundreds of lemons every year whose size you can’t imagine. These lemons are at least three times bigger than the ones you can buy in the supermarket.

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