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Cookbook Review “Asiatisch Kochen” & Sesame Ginger Cookies

Do you already know where you travel this summer? I’m making a trip to Japan. In general, I always find it very enriching to get to know new places and cultures. I’ve never been to Asia yet and I’m absolutely looking forward to it! This sense of anticipation made me read a bit about Japanese cuisine. I’m currently excited by buying Japanese ingredients in our local health food stores and transforming them into simple meals (such as this, this and this).

There is a book called “Asiatisch Kochen” (“Asian Cooking”) that offers a great introduction to the Japanese cuisine. However, the recipe of this book that I’m going to share with you is not Japanese, but Korean. The latest Japanese food I bought was black sesame seeds. When I saw those stylish and tasty-looking sesame ginger cookies in the book, I knew I had to make them. You’ll find the recipe, if you scroll down. The cookies were at least as delicious as expected. Maybe I’ll also need to go to Korea once so to explore more flavors of this interesting country… 😉

Here is my review of Jody Vassalo and Emily Ezekiel’s “Asiatisch Kochen”.

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Hirse-Pilaw-Gesund-Kochen-Ist-Liebe-Veronica-Pachala (4 of 6)
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Cookbook Review “Gesund Kochen ist Liebe” & Millet Pilaf

«Gesund Kochen ist Liebe» is german and means «Cooking Healthy is Love». Isn’t this a beautiful title that Veronika Pachala has chosen for her cookbook? Cooking a healthy meal is really a wonderful way to express ones love. The author does this everyday for her little daugher and her husband. With her blog «Carrots for Claire» and the new cookbook, she aims to inspire other people to do the same. In my opinion, this sentence can also be reversed: “Cooking with love is healthy”. The more love we put into the preparation of a meal, the healthier and tastier it is for the person who eats it. In a book about ayurvedic nutrition I recently bought, a whole chapter is dedicated to this principle. This is why I recommend you to treat the ingredients as lovingly as you can and to have positive thoughts when preparing the delicious millet pilaf I’m going to present you. The recipe for the millet pilaf is so great that I already made it several times as a side dish. It is from Veronika Pachala’s cookbook «Gesund kochen ist Liebe». What else there is to discover in this book, I’ll tell you in this article.

Here is my review of Veronika Pachala’s «Gesund Kochen ist Liebe».

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Cookbook Review: “The Plantpower Way” & Cashew Milk

I was really surprised how easy it can be to make plant-based milk, when I tried out the recipe of “The Plantpower Way”. There are many recipes of homemade nut milk. But I really like the fact, that it is possible to make it within 5 minutes for immediate consumption. We like to drink this white drink with its mild taste just as it is or sweetened with a little honey. But you can also refine it with spices, mix it with granola or use it in other recipes. This particular cashew milk is not the only thing I like about “The Plantpower Way”. This book contains many elements that make it not only a cooking inspiration, but also a life inspiration. The content is so positive, that I close the book full of hope and with a smile in my face, whenever I’ve read some pages.

Here is my review of Rich Roll and Julie Piatt’s “The Plantpower Cookbook”.
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Cookbook Review: “Small Plates and Sweet Treats” & Quinoa Tart with Zucchini and Leek

A few years ago «Cannelle et Vanille» was the first food blog I discovered and I was immediately excited. It was my gateway to the wonderful world of the art of food photography, the creation and worldwide sharing of unconventional recipes and the stories around a way of cooking and living that is close to nature. Aran Goyoaga who is the person behind this blog inspires me a lot and is one of my favorite photographers. Her cooking style is different than mine in some significant aspects. Nevertheless, I admire her recipes and am a big fan of her cookbook «Small Plates and Sweet Treats». From this book, I made a gluten-free tart for the first time in my life. The crust containts different types of flours. The filling consists of quinoa, leek and zucchini. You’ll find this delicious springtime recipe at the bottom of this article.

Here is my review of Aran Goyoaga’s cookbook “Small Plates and Sweet Treats”.

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Melanie Gerber of Familycious «Listen to Yourself»

Melanie Gerber from Basel is a nutrition coach, a cookbook author and a blogger from Familycious. She first studied economy and then worked for a long time for a large company in the financial industry in Zurich. During this time, she had a very unhealthy lifestyle with little sleep, a lot of cigarettes, unhealthy eating and lots of wine. This was accompanied by a long-time eating disorder. She realized something was wrong and heard an inner voice, which told her «This is not you.». Then she transformed her whole life and founded Familycious, to help others on their way.

In this portrait, Melanie tells us about her path to a healthy lifestyle and inspires us to act lovingly and to listen to our inner voice. We have also created a video portrait. In addition, we present her cookbook «pur.vollwertig.vegan.liebevoll» with a recipe example of her ayurvedic winter vegetable lentils soup.

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Cookbook Review: “Eat Better Not Less” & Sweet Potato Peanut Cream

Today I’ll share with you a review of a cookbook written by a Swiss author. It is very topical, as the book was published in October 2015. Its title «Eat Better Not Less» already tells a lot about the content. Nevertheless, I’m glad to answer you the usual six questions of the cookbook reviews here on Journey to Real Life.

When I look at cookbooks, I’m mostly interested in the special recipes. Luckily, I found a lot of them in “Eat Better Not Less“. There were two recipes who made it in the final selection for the one I’m sharing with you: A date hummus and a sweet potato peanut cream. I decided to pick the sweet potato peanut cream because I had all the ingredients at home. Another reason for this choice was the fact that sweet potatoes are one of my and peanut butter is one of Prospi’s favorite foods. And what shall I say…? The cream just turned out as awesome as expected. To combine sweet potatoes and peanut in a naturally sweetened dessert is just a genius idea!! You’ll find the recipe at the end of this article.

Here is my review of Nadia Damaso’s cookbook “Eat Better Not Less”.

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Cookbook Review: “Oh She Glows” & Wintery Chia-Power-Pudding

When Prospi and I were looking at the “Oh She Glows” cookbook trying to decide which recipe we want to share with you, after each page turning at least one of us said “Wow, this looks yummy!”. The book is full of recipes we absolutely want to try. I’m afraid my life is too short to try all the delicious culinary (plant-based) combinations, the world has to offer.

Finally, we decided for the “Chia-Power-Pudding-Snack”. I’ve heard and read a lot about chia-pudding, but never made it. As berries are not in season, I decided to make a wintery option instead of serving the chia-pudding with fresh fruit and granola as suggested in the book. This turned out totally delicious! You’ll find the recipe, if you scroll down. First, I’m going to answer you the most important questions regarding the cookbook.

Here is my review of Angela Liddon’s cookbook “Oh She Glows”.

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Cookbook Review: “Krautkopf” & The Best Baked Samosas

WOW! This book is fantastic. A real artwork – in terms of culinary and photography. The day I got the parcel with the cookbook of food bloggers Susann Probst and Yannic Schon was a very happy day. Some days later, I took the time to leaf through the whole book while sitting on the couch and having a cup of tea. As I’m so thrilled about it, I absolutely want to present this book to you today. As always in our cookbook reviews, I’ll share a favorite recipe with you. This time it’s going to be the very best baked samosas.

Here is my review of Susann Probst and Yannic Schon’s cookbook “Krautkopf – Vegetarisch kochen und geniessen.

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Cookbook Review: “Vibrant Food” & Roasted Beets with Chimichurri

It’s autumn. The hot days in Switzerland are over. This rich summer was absolutely wonderful. I’m so thankful for all the great moments we had experienced.

During the first summer days I wrote our first blog article in which I shared the recipe of my beloved strawberry tiramisu. Meanwhile, many other recipes, a recipe overview, Switzerland’s most comprehensive organic restaurant directory, several restaurant reviews, two totally inspiring portraits and much more has been added. We are also active on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube. After only a summer of Journey to Real Life, I already feel that I have learned incredibly much about blogging. Of course, this motivates me even more to continue.

Recently, I decided to present you my favorite cookbooks by answering some questions and showing a recipe that I’ve tried out. I already published a review of Attila Hildmann’s book “Vegan to Go”, from which I presented the recipe for homemade wraps in a text and a video. Today I want to introduce the wonderful cookbook “Vibrant Food“. The recipe I selected contains loads of roots that you can currently buy very well from local production in Switzerland. As a sauce, the author proposes an Argentinean chimichurri.

Here is my review of the cookbook “Vibrant Food” by Kimberley Hasselbrink.
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