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Creamy Hot Chocolate with Hazelnut

A lot has happened since New Year’s Eve. We had a very successful to Real Life Gourmet Dinner in Bern. Thanks again to all who came! In addition, I have just finished a training as a baby massage instructor, we are about to move to a new city, and preparations for the big brunch next Sunday are also happening right now. But somehow we are still at the beginning of the year. There is so much more to come. Isn’t this awesome? I have a very good feeling for this year. I believe that several wonderful things will happen..

My biggest learning of the last year, however, is that everything is going to be fine anyway, if I have a positive attitude and take things calmly. Prospi has already told you about my final thesis for the university, which I wrote following the 80/20 principle. Our wedding in September was another great example of this learning. I deliberately put myself in a positive vibe and decided to enjoy the special day without sticking to the idea that everything will be perfect. Even if the marquee would collapse and heavy rain would start at the same time, I could accept this situation and continue to celebrate. In the end, nothing collapsed, and the weather was fantastic. But this attitude has allowed me to take everything as it came, and to enjoy an absolutely magical and unforgettable wedding day full of love and positive energy. Of course, not everything came as planned. It was imperfectly perfect. And that’s how life is.

Are you also looking forward to finding out what 2018 is going to offer?

You can create a very joyful moment for yourself if you take 5 minutes to make the vegan, wholesome and extremely delicious hot chocolate I’m showing you today. I usually make this kind of hot beverages with our blender. But as I know that not all of you have a powerful blender at home, I’ve created a version that can be made with a normal hand blender.

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Cookbook Review “Porridge” & Chocolate Banana Zoats

A few years ago, I suffered from digestive issues. As a consequence, I changed a few things in my diet. From TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) I learned that having a warm breakfast might help me. From that moment, my first meal of the day has been oatmeal. I’m convinced that this was one of the changes that healed me the most. This is how I became an oatmeal lover. What I put into my oatmeal changes according to what I feel like eating. However, I make my beloved apricot and almond porridge most of the times.

When I first heard of the cookbook that is all about oatmeals with more than 50 recipes, I was very interested. Today, I’ll share my review on this book with you. Furthermore, I’ll present you a special, healthy and yummy recipe that I didn’t know before reading the book. It’s a very easy sweet oatmeal made of zucchini, banana and raw cacao.

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Soft and Moist Veggie Muffins

I use my muffin cups very often. Since we travel a lot, we need snacks that can be easily transported. Sweet muffins with all kinds of flavors of fruits, spices, and nuts are excellent. But sometimes we need something salty on the road. Thus, the idea of ​​vegetable muffins has arisen. They are perfect as a salty snack, as a lunch on the go for example with a lentil salad, as a hearty breakfast, as a starter with a green salad, as a party snack for children as well as for adults or as part of a picnic. You can enjoy them either warm or cold. They are healthy and completely plant-based, have a perfectly moist consistency and taste delicious. For a gluten-free version, you can use brown rice flour. That works very well. Depending on the season, you can vary with the vegetables. In summer, for example, the leeks can be replaced by zucchini. The following suggestion with carrots and leeks is our favorite and fits in the beginning of spring. So start baking! 🙂

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Apricot Almond Oatmeal

If you had to pick 5 foods that you could eat on a deserted island from now on, which ones would you choose? I find this question quite difficult to answer. But that oats would be one of my foods is absolutely clear. For years I have been eating oatmeal every day for breakfast and I still love it. When I go on trips or spend one night away, there is always a pack of oats in my backpack. Always. My oatmeal gives me warmth and energy for the day. Meanwhile, I have also infected Prospi… He also eats oatmeal daily. However, his plate looks a little different, because our tastes are not perfectly identical. I’m not a big fan of raisins, Brazil nuts and hazelnuts. Instead, I’m thrilled by the flavor combination of apricot and almond.

Today I show you the recipe of my delicious and nutritious current favorite breakfast. The almond butter ensures a creamy consistency and the molasses provides some sweetness, in addition to the soaked dried fruits.

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Cookbook Review: “The Plantpower Way” & Cashew Milk

I was really surprised how easy it can be to make plant-based milk, when I tried out the recipe of “The Plantpower Way”. There are many recipes of homemade nut milk. But I really like the fact, that it is possible to make it within 5 minutes for immediate consumption. We like to drink this white drink with its mild taste just as it is or sweetened with a little honey. But you can also refine it with spices, mix it with granola or use it in other recipes. This particular cashew milk is not the only thing I like about “The Plantpower Way”. This book contains many elements that make it not only a cooking inspiration, but also a life inspiration. The content is so positive, that I close the book full of hope and with a smile in my face, whenever I’ve read some pages.

Here is my review of Rich Roll and Julie Piatt’s “The Plantpower Cookbook”.
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Cookbook Review: “Oh She Glows” & Wintery Chia-Power-Pudding

When Prospi and I were looking at the “Oh She Glows” cookbook trying to decide which recipe we want to share with you, after each page turning at least one of us said “Wow, this looks yummy!”. The book is full of recipes we absolutely want to try. I’m afraid my life is too short to try all the delicious culinary (plant-based) combinations, the world has to offer.

Finally, we decided for the “Chia-Power-Pudding-Snack”. I’ve heard and read a lot about chia-pudding, but never made it. As berries are not in season, I decided to make a wintery option instead of serving the chia-pudding with fresh fruit and granola as suggested in the book. This turned out totally delicious! You’ll find the recipe, if you scroll down. First, I’m going to answer you the most important questions regarding the cookbook.

Here is my review of Angela Liddon’s cookbook “Oh She Glows.

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6 Recipes with 3 or less Ingredients: Quick Wholegrain Bread, Chocolate Spread, Olive Spread, Mulled Wine, Roasted Trail Mix, Cinnamon Apple Sauce

Hi everybody!

I hope you’ve started well into the new year and are ready to take the next steps of your personal hero’s journey.

Many of you have been following our Advent calendar 2015. Thank you so much for your support and the positive feedback!

Today I want to share again all the recipes of the Advent calendar in this article. These recipes are incredibly easy and require only 2 or 3 ingredients. For most of them we’ve made a little video. I’m sure you feel like trying out some of them soon. There are just so many things that are worth preparing yourself.

And these are the recipes:

– Quick Wholegrain Bread
– Chocolate Spread
– Olive Spread
– Mulled Wine without Refined Sugar
– Roasted Trail Mix
– Homemade Cinnamon Apple Sauce

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Homemade Nutella

Homemade is always best! A week ago, I suddenly felt like trying a vegan and sugarfree nutella. But I really didn’t expect that it would turn out so great right away. Prospi was also surprised by the result of the experiment. This is why we have both been eating homemade nutella daily during the last week. We have already tried all kinds of variations. As bread spread, in our morning porridge, plain from the jar, in a cake dough, as muffin topping, etc.

The only three ingredients to make this variation of nutella are dates, hazelnuts and cocoa powder. The result doesn’t taste of dates at all. In contrast, it is very nutty, as the roasting process intensifies the taste of the hazelnuts. The recipe is very easy and by all means worth a try!
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