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Cookbook Review “Gesund Kochen ist Liebe” & Millet Pilaf

«Gesund Kochen ist Liebe» is german and means «Cooking Healthy is Love». Isn’t this a beautiful title that Veronika Pachala has chosen for her cookbook? Cooking a healthy meal is really a wonderful way to express ones love. The author does this everyday for her little daugher and her husband. With her blog «Carrots for Claire» and the new cookbook, she aims to inspire other people to do the same. In my opinion, this sentence can also be reversed: “Cooking with love is healthy”. The more love we put into the preparation of a meal, the healthier and tastier it is for the person who eats it. In a book about ayurvedic nutrition I recently bought, a whole chapter is dedicated to this principle. This is why I recommend you to treat the ingredients as lovingly as you can and to have positive thoughts when preparing the delicious millet pilaf I’m going to present you. The recipe for the millet pilaf is so great that I already made it several times as a side dish. It is from Veronika Pachala’s cookbook «Gesund kochen ist Liebe». What else there is to discover in this book, I’ll tell you in this article.

Here is my review of Veronika Pachala’s «Gesund Kochen ist Liebe».

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Cookbook Review: “The Plantpower Way” & Cashew Milk

I was really surprised how easy it can be to make plant-based milk, when I tried out the recipe of “The Plantpower Way”. There are many recipes of homemade nut milk. But I really like the fact, that it is possible to make it within 5 minutes for immediate consumption. We like to drink this white drink with its mild taste just as it is or sweetened with a little honey. But you can also refine it with spices, mix it with granola or use it in other recipes. This particular cashew milk is not the only thing I like about “The Plantpower Way”. This book contains many elements that make it not only a cooking inspiration, but also a life inspiration. The content is so positive, that I close the book full of hope and with a smile in my face, whenever I’ve read some pages.

Here is my review of Rich Roll and Julie Piatt’s “The Plantpower Cookbook”.
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6 Recipes with 3 or less Ingredients: Quick Wholegrain Bread, Chocolate Spread, Olive Spread, Mulled Wine, Roasted Trail Mix, Cinnamon Apple Sauce

Hi everybody!

I hope you’ve started well into the new year and are ready to take the next steps of your personal hero’s journey.

Many of you have been following our Advent calendar 2015. Thank you so much for your support and the positive feedback!

Today I want to share again all the recipes of the Advent calendar in this article. These recipes are incredibly easy and require only 2 or 3 ingredients. For most of them we’ve made a little video. I’m sure you feel like trying out some of them soon. There are just so many things that are worth preparing yourself.

And these are the recipes:

– Quick Wholegrain Bread
– Chocolate Spread
– Olive Spread
– Mulled Wine without Refined Sugar
– Roasted Trail Mix
– Homemade Cinnamon Apple Sauce

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Dinner Cheap & Healthy Part 4: Lentil Veggie Stew with Brown Rice

It’s time again for a Cheap & Healthy recipe. During our holidays in Seattle we’ve made a lot of culinary experiences. Of course, we wanted to try out as many organic restaurant and new dishes or ingredients as possible. We didn’t pay too much attention on how much money we spent. Back at home, we find it important again to notice that good and healthy food doesn’t always have to be expensive. Sometimes, all we want is to enjoy a simple dinner requiring little preparation and containing only a few ingredients that are really cheap.
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Cookbook Review: “Vegan to Go” & Homemade Wraps

Hi everybody

A cookbook review! Finally! It has been a while since we had the idea to present you our favorite cookbooks. To offer you a real insight into the books, we will share with you some of their recipes that we particularly like. In Attila Hildmanns vertile newest cookbook called “Vegan to Go”, there are so many „veganised“ classical dishes everybody loves, that it was quite difficult to choose. The simple homemade wraps that contain only two ingredients (and of course salt and water) belong clearly to the best ones. You absolutely need to try them! As we are so thrilled by this recipe, we even made a video for you. 😉 In this article, I’ll explain whom and why I recommend to buy this book.

Here is my review of Attila Hildmann’s cookbook „Vegan to Go“.
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Dinner Cheap & Healthy Part 3: Tomato-Eggplant-Olive-Penne with Roasted Sunflower Seeds

Can you guess what I missed the most when I was on holidays? Organic vegetables! It was quite difficult and sometimes even impossible to find organic groceries in Portugal. I realised that we are really privileged here in Switzerland in this regard. There are many grocery stores offering a wide selection of certified organic products. Organic food production convinces me. I buy organic food for the sake of my health and in respect of the environment.
When people get to know this, they often ask me if this isn’t extremely expensive. In my opinion, this doesn’t have to be the case. If you take a little time (and I really mean only a little…) to cook your own meals, it will be possible to eat healthy, organic and cheap at the same time. I hope that more and more people will grab this opportunity. This is why I will continue my post series called „Cheap & Healthy“ today. Of course, I won’t neglect the enjoyment factor. The Mediterranean Pasta that I’m going to show you is very tasty!
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Lemon Tart (with 4 ingredients)


Are you all on holiday reading this article on your mobile phone while laying at the beach and getting tanned? I’m enjoying the incredible summer weather in Switzerland. But I’m also looking forward to finally leave to Portugal next week. For those who don’t know it, I’m half Portuguese. I go to Portugal every year. I just love this country (and I think my love is contagious and infected Prospi).

When I’m in Portugal during summer, I always visit my aunt. She is an artist living in a big and messy house. The garden of this house is paradise! What I love the most is the giant lemon tree that produces hundreds of lemons every year whose size you can’t imagine. These lemons are at least three times bigger than the ones you can buy in the supermarket.

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Peanut Ginger Dressing and Chickpea Millet Salad

Have you already tried peanut dressing? If not, it’s high time to make your own! (And if yes, too…) Beside peanuts my version contains ginger, honey, balsamico and dill. An absolutely heavenly combination.

I specially like to use this dressing with a chickpea millet salad. Millet is a delicious gluten-free cereal that looks similar to couscous. In this recipe it soaks the thick peanut ginger dressing and gets a very strong taste. Chickpeas and some fried vegetables are a good addition.

Of course you can create your own salad and give it an exotic touch with this peanut ginger dressing. For example, you can make a salad based on lettuce, rice or asian noodles.

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Chocolate Lentil Mousse with Roasted Almond Slivers

I admit that it may sound a little weird to make a chocolate mousse based on lentils. Okay.. It sounds very weird. But it is way more than just possible. The result is totally amazing!!

Thanks to the lentils the mousse has a not very airy, but nevertheless perfect consistency. The other ingredients make it intensely chocolaty with a slight taste of almonds. As you keep it in the fridge, it’s a delicious, sweet and in comparison to other creams or icecreams light refreshement for these hot summer days.

I’ve recently been asked by some of you to give more information regarding the nutritional values of the recipes. This is why I decided to calculate the amount of proteins in this mousse. There are 10 g proteins per portion. So I absolutely recommend the chocolate lovers that take care of their protein intake among you to try out the recipe.
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Homemade Nutella

Homemade is always best! A week ago, I suddenly felt like trying a vegan and sugarfree nutella. But I really didn’t expect that it would turn out so great right away. Prospi was also surprised by the result of the experiment. This is why we have both been eating homemade nutella daily during the last week. We have already tried all kinds of variations. As bread spread, in our morning porridge, plain from the jar, in a cake dough, as muffin topping, etc.

The only three ingredients to make this variation of nutella are dates, hazelnuts and cocoa powder. The result doesn’t taste of dates at all. In contrast, it is very nutty, as the roasting process intensifies the taste of the hazelnuts. The recipe is very easy and by all means worth a try!
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