Book Review: « Never Eat Alone » – The Power of Relationships for a Fulfilling Life

Never eat alone. A philosophy that has truly changed my life.

Now, at Christmas time, when the family comes together, we are the more conscious about the relevancy of this principle Lisa’s Coconut Curry with Chickpeas and Vegetables is the ideal recipe to put this principle into practice, when inviting friends and family over for dinner.

The sentence “Never Eat Alone” comes from Keith Ferrazzi’s book with the same title. When I started reading this Book I had no idea how much it would influence me.

Never eat alone is a business book, which describes how success in life and business is predicated by the relationships we have. Do relationships lead to professional success or do the relationships we build and maintain make up success in life by themselves? I opted for the second option and since then found the woman of my dreams, my dream job and my dream life.

In this article I describe the lessons of finding fulfilment in life through the power of relationships, which I’ve learned from the book and been able to implement in my personal life and in the relationship between Lisa and me.

Here our book review on Keith Ferrazzi’s “Never Eat Alone.

Never Eat Alone
Author: Keith Ferrazzi
Publisher: Portfolio Penguin

Keith Ferrazzi is an American entrepreneur, author and speaker. He regularly writes for the “Wall Street Journal” and the “Harvard Business Review”.

Success in Life = (The People You Meet) + (What You Create Together)

None of us is self-made. We are interdependent and need each other to live and to survive. The child on the mother. The consumer on the producer. The employees on the employer. The friend on the friend. And in most cases vice versa. When we want to build something, change the world, or simply enjoy life, we need allies to fulfil these purposes. This accounts for the success and fulfilment in life.
The fulfilment of most of my dreams is due to relationships with people, which have made me the person that I am today. They have provided me with opportunities and helped me achieve my goals. Think about what people you want to connect to, to achieve your life goals.
The people we meet, the experiences we share with them, and what we create together, accounts for the success in our lives.

Here are some tips from the book to apply this knowledge.

Give, and You Shall Receive

The author Keith Ferrazzi believes that life is about having the most positive impact in other people’s lives. When he meets someone he asks himself what he has to do to improve his conversation partner’s quality of life. This way he builds deep relationsips long before he needs anything from them.
In the end everything comes back. Giving starts the receiving process and continuous giving creates a life of abundance, in which we constantly receive help and support. At the same time we win allies on our journeys. This can also be applied to the relationship between two people.

Be Worth Talking to and Talking About

Make your network deepen and expand itself by making sure that you are worth talking to and talking about. The easiest way to implement this is by being ourselves. Our strength lies in our uniqueness. Revealing one’s vulnerable side to new acquaintances deepens the relationship and ignites more interest. Having an own specific view of things and an original character is what makes us interesting and ultimately indispensable.


Never Eat Alone

The tip that gives the book its name. We eat several times a day, every day and we can use every meal as an opportunity to get in contact with people. At home Lisa and I eat whenever possible together. In addition, we invite individual people or groups of people in irregular intervals to join us for dinner. We like to mix new acquaintances with old, to promote an exchange. Our life wouldn’t be the same without this principle. I really recommend everyone to try this.

Who is this book for?

As already mentioned before, Never Eat Alone is a business book. A variety of tips and principles are presented, that help one to consciously build relationships to achieve success. The tips are accompanied by anecdotes from Keith Ferrazzi’s life and passages about “Connectors”, people who use the power of relationships to achieve their goals. Example are Benjamin Franklin, the Dalai Lama, Bill Clinton, and many more. This makes the tips very accessible. Many chapters deal with the mind-set and fundamentals of a connector, which can be applied to one’s private life.

I recommend Keith Ferrazzi’s Never Eat Alone to everyone who wants to use the power of relationships for a fulfilling life and for the achievement his or her goals.

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I hope that from all the things in this article you keep at least one in your heart. Never Eat Alone.

Who are you going to invite for dinner?

Best wishes and happy holidays!


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