Peace through massage of our next generations?

How would the world look like, if we would trust each other more? What if we were working more together instead of fighting against each other? What if we were not afraid to get in touch with other people, support them, and ask for help? What if we would never feel alone again? What would a world look like in which we all see ourselves as allies, despite our different qualities and values? What would life be like, if we loved ourselves and others wholeheartedly? How would it be if we could face all the challenges of life with confidence?

I’ve thought a lot about these questions, and it is an important part of the Journey to Real Life philosophy to go in that direction. We are convinced that a more peaceful world with happier people is the answer to all these questions. For us, «Real Life» is a life in harmony with 1. nature, but also with 2. our fellow human beings and 3. ourselves. Today I will discuss living in harmony with our fellow human beings. We want to pursue a path that improves relationships between people and contributes to the fortune of everybody.

In this article I will show you how you can take a simple step in this direction and what massages have to do with it.

What is the babymassage according to Newar tradition (BMN)?

As some of you might already know, I’ve just completed a quite intense, but wonderful professional baby massage training. In fact, I’ve learned the Nepalese baby massage according to Newar tradition in the method of Nasma Scheibler-Shrestha, BMN in short. In many cultures, baby massage is naturally integrated into baby care. The BMN has its origin with the Nepalese ethnic group of the Newar.

As a trained instructor I am now able to teach this oil massage consisting of 53 steps to the parents of newborns. I find this very fulfilling, as I’m convinced that regular massage of the youngest of our next generation can have wonderful effects.

The amazing emotional effects of the BMN

It is not surprising that the BMN offers many health benefits for the newborn, increases his well-being and supports his development. For example, it stimulates digestion, improves blood circulation, improves sleep and supports motoric development. In addition, this baby massage has, in my opinion, another significant effect on an emotional level.

I think that (almost) everybody likes touch. Being massaged is a boon and leads to relaxation. This urge for touch can be traced back to the experience of the embryo in the womb. Before we entered this world, we were always touched. We were in constant physical contact with our mother, on whom our life depended. However, with birth, we came into a completely new environment. The space around us was suddenly no longer tight and closed, but large and wide. It was bright and maybe cold. Everything was different.

To be able to handle this huge change, that arises with birth, babies need support. With an intense massage, one can partially reproduce the conditions of the maternal security before the birth. The massage is best done by the mother or the father and on a regular basis. As the fathers don’t give birth or breastfeed, it is an ideal opportunity for them to build a deep relationship with their children. The baby’s feeling of security helps it to start more gently into the everyday life of the new world. With the massage, it gets love and closeness. It doesn’t have to feel alone. This will allow the child to deal with challenges that arise later in his life. The young human being develops self-confidence and can flourish in its potential. This self-confidence and the intense interaction with the parents during the massage promote trust in interpersonal relationships.

Peace through more self-confident and trusting people?

Our society today is very individualistic. To put it bluntly, everyone focuses on their own lives and has their own success as the ultimate goal. Strangers in various ways often scare us. Many of us feel alone and misunderstood. I know that from my own life. Often, I felt that I will only be recognized if I perform perfectly, and not just as I am, be unconditionally loved. Even today, I have to keep reminding myself that I can be authentic and imperfect. Maintaining that self-confidence is a continuous process.

I firmly believe that mutual acceptance and openness to the foreign would be much higher if we could all be more ourselves, feel less alone, and ultimately have more confidence in relationships, which is all supported by the BMN. We would then be less afraid of being condemned by others, and less critic towards ourselves. Instead, we would be more interested in getting in touch with our fellow human beings. Living together would definitely be more peaceful.

What you can do, if you don’t have a baby

I also think that we can create a more peaceful world of tomorrow by lovingly massaging the baby’s of today on a regular basis.

But what can you take from all this, if you don’t have a baby? What can you learn from the baby massage for your everyday life? It’s definitely a good idea to strengthen the self-confidence and trust of our fellow human beings so to indirectly promote peace, whether with or without massage. Some central aspects of the BMN can be implemented in interpersonal encounters. Choose one or several of the following three steps:

  1. Show proximity: Think of a person in your social environment that is struggling with a challenge. Offer your help and show her/him that she/he is not alone.
  2. Offer unconditional love: Try to unconditionally accept and love the persons you meet next. Wish them something positive.
  3. Presence and genuine interest: During your next conversation with somebody, be totally in the here and now. Concentrate on your interaction and be interested in what the other person tells you.

Maybe you have more ideas how to implement the peace-building aspects of the BMN into your daily life. You’re invited share them below in the comment section!

I wish you a wonderful day!


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