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Namban Oporto Kitchen Café in Porto, Portugal

An organic Japanese restaurant with daily vegan lunch options in my favorite city Porto? When I first heard about it, I knew I had to visit it. And since we are in Porto, we went there a few days later. We were amazed by this small lunch restaurant and its friendly owners.

Here our lunch review of the Namban Oporto Kitchen Café in Porto.

Namban Oporto Kitchen Café
Galerias Lumière, Loja 1
Rua José Falcão 157
4050-317 Porto
+351 915 956 478
Montag Kulturabend
Mo-Fr 12.30-15.00
Sa 13.00-15.30

Namban serves authentic Japanese cuisine. The chef is Japanese herself. During the week, you’ll find a daily choice between two lunch menus. One of the menus is vegetarian and practically always vegan. The big majority of the ingredients are organic. Just as it’s common in Japan, some fermented vegetables are served with every meal. They are homemade and really delicious. We visited the Namban on a Monday. On Monday, there is always Japanese curry. It contained seasonal vegetables and chickpeas and was served with brown rice. I definitely enjoyed it, although it is much milder than the better known Indian and Thai curries. Included in the menu, we also got a miso soup with carefully cut leeks. A small salad was also part of the side dishes. As a drink, we got spicy warm water with lemon slices. The portions are rather small. They are beautifully and lovingly arranged. After the meal, we ordered the daily dessert. It consisted of matcha biscuits, that were vegan and sweetened exclusively with agave syrup, as well as a poached tangerine. Two completely new taste experiences. Prospi bought an onigiri, that he enjoyed as an afternoon snack. It was also made of brown rice.

As soon as we entered the restaurant, we were welcomed in a super friendly way. We got to know Miguel, who runs the restaurant together with the chef Sako, and had some interesting conversations with him. Due to his friendly nature, you feel very comfortable as a guest. You can feel how much he puts his heart into this sustainable and lovely restaurant project. We had to wait half an hour for the food. This is always the case in the Namban, as the dishes are freshly prepared. However, we were immediately informed about this fact.

Namban is a very small place. It looks more like a takeaway restaurant than a regular restaurant. There are about three tables. It is located in a shopping center, where you can find many more tables and seats for eating. Nevertheless, it is very comfortable. Among other things, the small room is decorated with flowers. While we were waiting for the food, we did some computer work, which was no problem, as the atmosphere is really calm.

For Portugal, Namban is not particularly inexpensive. However, we find that 8.50 euros for the lunch menu, with regard to the quality of the ingredients and the preparation, is more than adequate. The spiced warm water and the soup were already included in the lunch menu. If you order dessert, you still pay less than 15 euros.

This is how Namban Oporto Kitchen Café looks from the outside.

Here you can see the daily menu.

The spiced warm water.

The authentic Japanese lunch was prepared with so much love.

There were Matcha biscuits as a dessert.

A poached tangerine and tea were served with the biscuits.

And here is the delicious Onigiri.

Do you know the Namban Oporto Kitchen Café in Porto? Then leave a comment with your impressions. This is valuable to us and the other readers.

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