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Le Fraisier in Lausanne

As a part of our monthly ritual to visit a new (unvisited) organic restaurant each month, we visited the Le Fraisier in Lausanne last Friday. The restaurant has just newly been offering a dinner menu additional to their usual lunch menu. We didn’t inform ourselves that much about the restaurant before going there. We had no clue what would await us there.

Here oure review to the dinner at Le Fraisier.

Le Fraisier – Scène culinaire
Ruelle Grand St. Jean 9
1003 Lausanne
021 625 31 92
076 367 51 81  
Opening hours:
Tue-Thu 09.00-15.00
Fri 09.00-15.00 & 18.00-23.30
Sat 09.00-15.00
Sun/Mon closed

The menu already amazed us with unorthodox food combinations. We were looking forward to what would await us on our plates! The drink menu is rather small for the reason that it contains only selected drinks. I ordered the artisanal La Meule wheat beer for myself, which has not only a nice label, but tastes as well as it looks. The waitress also surprised us with offered buns with a combination of olive paste and strawberry, giving me an unprecedented taste experience that was extremely tasty. We were enjoying waiting for the rest to come.
The restaurant had no vegan menu on that day, so we were served customized alternatives according to our wishes. Lisa ordered a combination of morels, asparagus, mango and risotto Venere as the main dish. The asparagus had the delicate shape and size of unfertilized and fresh asparagus as they can only be seen directly in a farm. They tasted accordingly. In the unexpected delicious combination with the morels and mango slices, the dish was a true taste experience. The black risotto was not how often seen coloured with squid ink, but consisted of the natural black Venere rice. One realizes that the Le Fraisier doesn’t miss to surprise with top-quality and flavour, both with usual ingredients as well as with the more special ingredients.
I had a small plate of the mango / asparagus combination as an appetizer and a traditional tomato pasta with spinach and pine nuts as my main dish. The Le Fraisier earns 5 out of 5 stars for its top quality and selected ingredients and its surprising combinations.

The service was very friendly, attentive and bilingual (and surprised with our domestic St.Galler dialect). We felt well taken care of and well advised by her. Therefore, we give the service 4 out of 5 stars.

Le Fraisier’s setup is very unusual and simplistic, which gives it a certain charm. Coloured figures of sardine, a red board covered with kitchen utensils, a collection of tableware and candlelight. The creative setup adapted well to the special flavour combinations. It’s worth to casually go there during the day to grab a cup of coffee just to enjoy the setup. What also makes the restaurant really special is that it has an open kitchen, which is located at one end of the dining room. One can observe how the cooks prepare the food with their good mood while listening to French chansons. We give the Le Fraisier 4 out of 5 stars for its atmosphere.

Le Fraisier is very cheap in relation to the quality of the ingredients. We almost wondered if it’s at all possible for them to make a profit from such rich menus. Water and a basket of bread is served for free on the table.

The artisanal La Meule wheat beer.

Asparagus, mango, and morel mushrooms as an appetizer.

Olive paste / Strawberry combination.

Mango, asparagus and morels as a main dish with risotto venere.

Tomato pasta with spinach and pine nuts.

Colorful dish-decoration.


We’re curious, which combinations the Le Fraisier will have to offer us next time!

Which combinations were awaiting you?


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