La Fauxmagerie. Plant-based artisanal cheesemonger

Friendship & La Fauxmagerie

This weekend one of my dearest friends came to visit me in Cambridge. Hugo lives in London, and he moved out of Portugal just before I did. We lived so many things together. One of the best memories I share with him is our backpack trip to Romania, Serbia and Hungary back in 2015. We both love bread and cheese. Consequently, and also due to our low budget for the trip, we ate loads of it.

In honour to our old times (and because he knows that I opt for a sustainable vegan lifestyle) he surprised me with this absolutely delicious artisanal cheeses, spreads and scones. He bought them in the UK’s first plant-based artisanal cheesemonger La Fauxmagerie.

Hugo and I in Bran Castle (the so known Dracula’s castle in Transylvania)

La Fauxmagerie: the plant-based artisanal cheesemonger

The shop is located at 20 Cheshire Street, just off Brick Lane, in London and all their products are 100% free of animal products. Although La Fauxmagerie is mainly focused on cheese production, they also offers a wider range of other products. From crackers & snacks to pickles & preserves, from spreads & chutneys to butter & plant-based charcuteries. Many of the products are seasonal or limited editions, so the options may vary.

What did I try? – an opinion

The cheeses are all artisanal and vegan, and some of them are also organic certified. I’ve tried the beautiful and exquisite Nerominded, the absolutely delicious Parmesan alternative Gondino Aged, and the subtle and gentle Clotted Cashew Cream.

vegan cheese
  • The Nerominded: Oh my Lord! It’s is what heavens should taste like! I am a great fan of truffle oil flavour, and this plant-based cheese had it all! It is made of cashews, coconut oil, organic miso (soy), nutritional yeast, black truffle oil, wine vinegar, pink Himalayan salt, garlic, onion, tapioca, mustard, activated charcoal, lactic acid and vegan cultures – see more. It is exquisite, divine. It goes great with crackers and a glass of good red wine, especially when with good company;
  • The Gondino: do you miss sprinkling your pasta with Parmesan? Say no more, because there’s a solution at La Fauxmagerie. The Gondino is delicious and incredibly similar to Parmesan. Furthermore, as you can read in its description at the La Fauxmagerie’s website: it is “Artisan-made by an independent vegan Italian company, this cheese is made with chickpea flour and is certified organic and gluten free.” It is made with water, potato starch, coconut oil, chickpea flour nutritional yeast, sea salt, natural flavourings.
  • The Clotted Cashew Cream: it has a very gentle and subtle flavour, with a great soft and creamy texture. It is made with cashew nuts, coconut oil, shea butter, sunflower lecithin and vegan cultures. It is the best match for the Ruby’s of London’ scones (an exclusive for the La Fauxmagerie), and a berry jam. It is a perfect suit for breakfast or tea time snack, as it is light and delicate – see more.

What else?

La Fauxmagerie: plant-based artisanal cheesemonger

I seriously could not recommend it more! La Fauxmagerie products that I’ve tried are of great quality, with exquisite flavours and hypnotising textures. Above all La Fauxmagerie is 100% plant-based and has a great awareness about sustainability: they do their best to reduce the environmental footprint wherever possible. For instance, in the physical shop, they always use plastic-free, recyclable parchment paper and kraft paper tape to wrap the cheeses).

I cannot wait to visit their this plant-based artisanal cheesemonger to get to know them better and try and experience more of the deliciousness of the products they offer. What a great job! 🙂

Visit their website:

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