Jerry Wieland of Körperbau: «Your mind determines the limits»

Jerry Wieland is a personal trainer in Zurich who offers group trainings in the Balboa Garage and fitness coaching under the name Körperbau. He shows you what your body is capable of with his honest and challenging workouts.

We open the section „Stories“ with our portrait of Jerry, in which we report about people and projects that inspire us, broaden our horizons and advance us on our journey to real life.

I hear of a new absolute truth, which is supposed to make me fitter, healthier and more beautiful every week. The newsstand is full of magazines and articles which promise a six pack in 4 weeks.

Nevertheless, in the midst of this noise about fitness issues, you can find a few personalities who can show you a world full of potential beyond the drama.
Jerry Wieland inspires us to challenge the boundaries of our physical bodies based on our individual needs and dispositions.


We hope to inspire you with his message too and report about the insights of our exclusive interview with Jerry and our experience in the Balboa garage.

How fitness develops your personality

Fitness doesn’t only have an effect on the physique but also on the personality. For Jerry, it’s particularly interesting to see how people who didn’t do much sport previously, learn to come out of themselves through physical training. Seeing what you are capable of and outdoing yourself again and again inevitably causes that you believe more in yourself and you benefit from an increased self-confidence.

The increased fitness has also a positive effect on the personality. I’m sure you have experienced that you’re less open and helpful when you are tired and stressed. Exercise increases your power and presence, which in turn affects the state of mind.


I used to suffer from narcolepsy, I unintentionally fell asleep during the day and wasn’t really present. Since I started working out every morning, I got my sleep cycle better under control and am much more open and present in everyday life. I can testify from my own experience how physical fitness positively affects the personality.

Fitness Trend Risks

In movies, advertisements, on posters and magazine covers we are daily seeing what the perfect body is supposed to look like. New gyms and personal trainers are popping up everywhere.

Jerry sees the risks of this rapidly growing fitness trend in the false image that is being instilled in us. Often steroids, which can have dangerous side effects and various supplements are part of the cover models’ and YouTube stars’ lifestyle. The amount of work that is required is concealed as well. The slogan is “Buy supplement X and look like Y in no time”.

The fitness industry lives from selling us the quick fulfilment of our dreams. If it was as simple as the headlines promise, we would all look like the incredible hulk.

Why the perfect training program for everyone doesn’t exist

The perfect training program, which gives every person that touches it his dream body, doesn’t exist. Every person is different as well as the preconditions of our bodies.

For this reason it’s important for Jerry to not see himself and his training methods as the only true solution. In his work he is always learning new things and remains open for new trends and training methods, which differ from his.

CrossFit, Street Workout, Bodybuilding, Personal Trainer, and Gyms. All claim they have discovered the best method and the rest is useless.

There is something good in everything. Jerry therefore advises to keep doing what’s fun for oneself and he advises people who train in the Balboa Gym with him to try out other courses.
Unfortunately, it is common that most people enthusiastically buy a 1 year gym subscription, and no longer appear two months later. Therefore, it is important to first and foremost integrate movement in general in one’s life to find fun in doing so.

What makes me feel good? What is fun? Jerry invites us to ask ourselves these questions and to act according to our answers. We shouldn’t let us be fooled by all the options that surround us, but focus on what we want for ourselves.

When choosing a workout you enjoy, you are also more likely to keep at it. The first successes motivate you to continue and the initial success will motivate you to go ahead.

The training at Körperbau in the Balboa Garage was really fun. Even as guest, we felt like we belonged there from the get go. The family atmosphere helps to keep going and to continue working on oneself.
If i lived near Zurich, I would soon be a part of the regular clientele 🙂

«It starts in the mind and ends in the mind»

Dieser Satz begleitet Jerry auf seinem Weg. Oft können wir uns unsere Ziele gar nicht vorstellen und beschränken dadurch unser Potential. Erlauben wir es uns aber weiter zu sehen, bestimmt nur noch der Geist die Grenzen.
This phrase accompanies Jerry on his way. Often we limit our true potential, because we can’t imagine our goals. If we allow ourselves to go beyond that only our minds determine the boundaries.


You can find out more about Jerry Wieland from Körperbau and his philosophy in our video interview.

Download the MP3 version

Balboa Garage

The Körperbau workout is held in the Balboa Garage in Zurich, where many other group trainings such as Body Boost, Cross Yoga and Training for Warriors are offered. You can find all the offered workouts on the official Balboa Gym website (balboamove.ch).

Visit the Körperbau Facebook Page, to learn more about Jerry Wieland (facebook.com/koerperbau.ch).

We thank Jerry for the amazing workout, the inspirational words and for working for life in abundance.

What workout makes you feel good and is fun for you?


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