How to Make Sprouts in 3 Easy Steps

Sprouts are true wonders of nature. They can be sown every day of the year and neither need ground nor direct sunlight. In a few days, the vitamins contained in the original seeds multiply up to 1200% and a glass filled with sprouts develops from a handful of seeds. In addition, they are great additions to your plates.

In this article, you’ll learn how you can grow sprouts yourself in easy steps and how you can use the sprouts in your everyday life. In addition, at the end of the article, there is a sweepstake to win a sprouts glass and a seed package. ­čśë

Effect and Application of Sprouts

Sprouts are germinated and sprouted seeds of vegetables, spices, legumes, and cereals. Sprouts can be produced from the seeds of all these foods. The sprouts take the fine taste of the mature plant coupled with a touch of freshness. This gives radish – or onion sprouts a mildly hot taste.

The sprouts are said to have many health benefits. According to my own research, two advantages stand out. The freshness and the seasonality.

Food loses a large part of its originally contained vitamins after only a few days and in some cases hours after being picked, which is why the freshness of food can make a big difference in the nutritional profile. This applies to most products in the supermarket, as well as the regional and for the imported food. Sprouts, which are cultivated at home, can be consumed immediately, during the growth process. There is nothing fresher than that.

In winter, we have a rather limited selection of regional organic vegetables in Switzerland. With sprouts, we can cultivate a wide variety of different plants at any time within our own four walls, making our food more diverse.

How to Make Sprouts in 3 Easy Steps

In just three steps, you can grow sprouts. soak, rinse, enjoy.

The seed germination varies depending on the sprouts. Our recommendation is to start with fenugreek, which easily and quickly germinates in two to three days. How long each step takes, is usually described on the back of seed packets, which can be ordered on

With the help of a reverse jar and a sieve or a permeable fabric as cover, you can build yourself a seed sprouter. We bought a pre-made seed sprouter after own experiments, which is what works best for us.

1. Soak

Before the seeds germinate, they need to be soaked in water. During this process, the seed doubles their volume. We recommend you initially use few seeds to sprout until you get a feel for how many sprouts fit in your seed sprouter. It’s important to take not too many seeds, because the sprouts may otherwise mold.

With fenugreek, you soak 8 heaped tablespoons in a seed sprouter for ten hours. We usually soak the seeds overnight.

2. Rinse

So, the seeds start to germinate, they need air and moisture and need to be flushed several times a day. For this you wash out the seeds with fresh water, empty the water out again and spread the seeds in a glass. You will do this until the seeds start to germinate.

With fenugreek, you rinse the seeds in the morning and in the evening for two to three days.

3. Enjoy

That’s it, the sprouts are ready to enjoy.

The sprouts can be eaten directly or be used to spice up hot and cold dishes such as salad, pasta or other creations.

Our Seed Sprouter Recommendation

After having tried to cultivate sprouts several times successfully and unsuccessfully with a homemade jar we discovered the sprouts stand represented at the Gourmesse fair. Marco Vonmoos of has spent several years to develop an ideal seed sprouter, which makes cultivating sprouts quick and easy. With success. We bought a seed sprouter from and cultivate sprouts for our own needs and for our to Real Life pop-up restaurant brunches with little effort several times a week.

No wonder these seed sprouter work so well. As we later learned during our visit of the organic restaurant bioschwand in Oensingen, Marco Vonmoos, the developer of these devices filled all the fridges of their training campus working on an optimal sprouting system.

sprossensamen’s seed sprouter, which consists of a large jar with a screen lid and a post, is our recommendationfor cultivating sprouts yourself. The seed sprouter can be ordered directly on

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Seed Sprouter Sweepstake

To provide you with a simple way of cultivating sprouts, we are giving away 1 seed sprouter and a seed package of valued at 88.50 Swiss Francs, which was kindly provided for this sweepstake.

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