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Hotel Swiss in Kreuzlingen

We were invited to a 5-course gourmet dinner and to stay a night at the Hotel Swiss in the town of Kreuzlingen near Lake Constance. The Hotel Swiss is the first and only 100% vegan hotel in Switzerland. This applies to the food as well as the textiles and the personal care products in the bathrooms. On Friday evening, the operator and top chef Raphael Lüthy and his team offer the mentioned 5-course gourmet dinner, where individual courses can also be ordered. We were curious of we could expect.

Here is our Hotel Swiss dinner review.

hotel swiss
Hauptstrasse 72
8280 Kreuzlingen
+41 (0)71 677 80 40

We had the entire 5-course menu during our visit. The menu convinced not only with the very good and new flavors, but also, as you will see below in the article, with the very beautiful and creative furnishing of the dishes. The menu includes a cold starter, a soup, a hot starter, a main course and a dessert. In addition, we were served an Amuse-Bouche before the first starter, which is served as a free appetizer. This consisted of a bread basket and the trilogy of the house, consisting of olive paste, olive oil and margarine. The delicious olive paste, which reminded me of the taste of the sea, was my absolute favorite. As an aperitif, you can also order different cocktails. We chose a sweet Languedoc white wine. The wine list contains a fine selection of vegan wines. The courses were tasty and beautifully decorated. For dessert, there was a dessert variation plate, which convinced with an ice cream, a mousse, fruits and various cake pieces. The Hotel Swiss strives to buy 90% of its products regionally. During our visit, however, there were also individual products, which are not available seasonally. As you may know, quantity is very important to me. The single courses were very filling and you do not need to take all 5 courses to be well-saturated, which I found very sympathetic. We had enough time between the courses to digest a bit and make room for the next course.

We were very pleasantly led through the evening by an extremely amiable service staff. Before each course, she carefully explained what we had on the plate, which stimulated our appetite. The help with the selection of drinks was also very helpful, as she knew the wines offered well herself and suggested wines that were suitable to our described taste. Meanwhile, she told us about the exciting history of the hotel and we learned a lot about its background. We had the feeling of being very well cared for.

The dining room was beautifully decorated. The red-carpet floor made a very noble impression. Each table was very large and we had plenty of space for both of us. Along the walls are paintings of famous historical characters and writers who lived vegetarian, with small citations about their diet. Among them are Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, Leonardo da Vinci and other personalities. The fitting dishes to the courses also contributed to the beautiful ambience. Hotel Swiss is definitely a good place for a dinner for two or for a meal with the family.

Im Hotel Swiss bezahlt man für jeden Gang je CHF 16.-. Es steht jedem Gast frei, die Gänge zu wählen, die ihn interessieren. Dies macht es möglich, mit nur einem Gang eher einfach zu essen und mit allen 5-Gängen ein komplettes Gourmet-Dinner zu geniessen. Auch bei der Weinauswahl steht es einem frei, sich für eher günstigere oder eher teurere Weine zu entscheiden, was sehr sympathisch ist.
At the Hotel Swiss, you pay for each course CHF 16.-. Each guest is free to choose the courses that interest him. This gives you the possibility to eat fairly simply with only one course and to enjoy a complete gourmet dinner with all 5 courses. Also with the wine selection one is free to decide for rather more inexpensive or more expensive wines, which is very sympathetic.

This is how the card looked in the evening of our visit.

The dining room with the paintings of famous vegetarian historic persons.

Amuse Bouche.

Red quinoa salad with courgettes and zucchini with tomato mousse and thai basil as a cold starter.

Bean soup with lavender and vegetables.

Beluga lentils with spring cabbage as well as leeks and fried potatoes as the main course.

Wheat piccata on mushroom paste with vegetables and baked pumpkin.

The dessert-variation plate.

In the morning, afterwards there was a rich breakfast buffet in the hotel. Among them was a delicious raw monk cake, of which we had a bit for dessert the night before. There were several freshly squeezed fruit juices, organic tea and coffee.

My breakfast plate with my buffet favorites.

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