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Cookbook Review: “Vegan to Go” & Homemade Wraps

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A cookbook review! Finally! It has been a while since we had the idea to present you our favorite cookbooks. To offer you a real insight into the books, we will share with you some of their recipes that we particularly like. In Attila Hildmanns vertile newest cookbook called “Vegan to Go”, there are so many „veganised“ classical dishes everybody loves, that it was quite difficult to choose. The simple homemade wraps that contain only two ingredients (and of course salt and water) belong clearly to the best ones. You absolutely need to try them! As we are so thrilled by this recipe, we even made a video for you. 😉 In this article, I’ll explain whom and why I recommend to buy this book.

Here is my review of Attila Hildmann’s cookbook „Vegan to Go“.

Vegan to Go
Author: Attila Hildmann
Publisher: Joest Volk Verlag

Attila Hildmann ist Germany’s most popular vegan cook. He has already been called „Jamie Oliver of the vegetarians and vegans“.

Who is Attila Hildmann?

Attila Hildmann, who is 33 years old, lives in Berlin and has turkish roots, is the most famous cook in Germany’s vegan scene. The reason for his decision to eat vegan was the early death of his father due to a heart attack. After this sad experience, he started to learn about the relation between nutrition and health. He cut animal products from his diet so to reduce his cholesterol level. By integrating sports into his life, he was able to loose 35 kilograms. This success motivated him to teach himself how to cook, to get creative in the kitchen and write down his recipes. Meanwhile, he has written several very well sold cookbooks, is present in the media and communicates actively with his thousands of fans on social media.

How are the recipes?

In total, the book contains over 100 completely different recipes. Most of them are very known dishes from all over the world. Among others, you’ll find lasagne, noodle soup, fried potatoes and wraps. If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll like the recipes for donuts, baklava, cinnamon rolls, a beautiful chocolate cake and many more. Attila Hildmann shows us how all this can be made vegan. For example, the cheese on top of the lasagne is substituted by white almond butter. Instead of bacon, his cesar salad contains smoked tofu. In addition to the classical recipes, this books offers some exquisite creations like roasted vanilla fennel with pomegranate and macadamia. The recipes are sorted by the following categories : Breakfast, savoury meals, sandwichs, salads, drinks and desserts. Some of the ingredients might be a little unfamiliar to people that usually don’t cook vegan. But they can all be found in big supermarkets or health food stores. The recipes are well explained so that everybody will be able to make them.

What else can you find?

At the beginning of the book, Attila Hildmann tells his personal story of how he got vegan. Moreover, he offers tips for those who are new to cooking in general and those who are new to vegan cooking. He shows how animal products can be substituted, how you can eat in restaurants or takeaways as a vegan, how you can cook more time-efficiently and which kitchen utensiles you need. Those who always wanted tho make a protein shake or a green smoothie, will find the instructions in Attila Hildmanns „Vegan to Go“. Each recipe contains either a little anecdote or some personal comments regarding the nutrition values and the preparation.

What is particularly good?

It is remarkable that every single recipe is illustrated with a very beautiful photo what really makes you want to try it out. The book is very personal. Due to the detailed introduction and the comments for every recipe, you get to know the author and his concerns very well. The writing style is sympathetic. Of course, I like that Attila Hildmann tries to promote a sustainable diet. I think it’s praiseworthy that he invites to buy organic, local and seasonal food. „Vegan to Go“ offers a great overview of the versatility of the vegan cuisine. It contains the typically vegan recipes like falafel or tofu-feta as well as „veganised” classical dishes and some exquisite vegan creations. The aim to show how a vegan diet can be delicious with recipes that everybody can do and will surely have fun while cooking is definitely achieved!

What could be better?

The book title „Vegan to Go“ promises a little to much in my opinion. As some of the recipes need to be taken to work in a tupperware, they are not much more „to go“ than any other meals. At least, Attila Hildmann offers some practical tips how to spend less time for cooking and which are appropriate vessels to transport the food. In my opinion, he focuses to much on cooking fast and practically without mentioning how important it is to cook with love! 😉 Besides, I find it a contradiction to recommend to freeze the food and to heat it in a microwave. I’ve read about different studies showing the harmful effects of microwaves. In contrast, Attila Hildmann wants to promote a healthy diet. Nevertheless, you can also just keep the soup in your fridge and heat it in a pot.

For whom is this book interesting?

Vegan to Go“ is a book fo everybody who wants to eat vegan from time to time or always. Especially those who are new to cooking or start a vegan diet will find a lot of useful tips. But also the more experienced (vegan) cooks can get inspired by the variety of great dishes. If you like to enjoy good food, but don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen, this book is perfect for you. It helps to have fun in everyday cooking and eating. I’m sure that everybody will find at least one favourite dish that will be prepared regularly in the future!


At the moment, our favorite recipe from Attila Hildmanns’s „Vegan to Go“ is his super simple wrap recipe. I don’t want to deprive you from that one.


plant-based (vegan), soy-free, lactose-fee, wholegrain

4 servings

Preparation time:

Level of difficulty: easy


  • 215 g/7.6 oz wholegrain spelt flour (Attila Hildmann uses normal white wheat flour, you can also use white spelt flour or wholegrain wheat flour)
  • 30 g/1.1 oz olive oil


Put the spelt flour and the oil together with 100 ml water and a pinch of salt in a big vessel. Knead this into a dough. Spread some more flour on your work surface. The dough needs to be devided into four parts that are all formed into balls. Coat each ball with flour and roll it out to a round and flat wrap using a rolling pin. Heat a frying pan on medium or high heat and bake every wrap without fat for approx. 1 min each side. Put the baked wraps between two moist towels so that they don’t get hard before you fill them.

This is how our delicious wholegrain wraps looked from the inside. At the right, you see Attila Hildmanns perfect original version that he calls „wrap ‚mexico city‘“.

If you want to know how you can fill your wraps, I can give you a very simple answer: Just take everything you like and make sure that there is at least one sauce!

My wrap on the photo contains everything I could make with the leftovers I found in our fridge on that day. These were a plum chutney (similar to this chutney recipe), rice, soybeans with garam masala and flaxseed oil, fried onions and carrots, cucumber sticks, a sauce made out of almond butter and crumbled corn wafers. Prospi and I were absolutely happy with this improvised filling.

Attila Hildmann suggests a mexican style filling containing rice, kidney beans with onions and spices, lettuce, cucumber, pepper, crumbled tortilla chips and guacamole. As you notice, I was inspired by his suggestion.

Here you can buy the book:

Vegan to Go_Cover


Did you try the recipe? What is your favorite wrap filling?

Do you have other questions regarding the cookbook? I’d love to answer them, if you leave a comment.

Kind regards from Seattle 🙂


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