We are opening a restaurant – you are invited to join us!

Anyone who follows us on social media, may already know about this. There is a reason the blog was quieter the past few weeks. After more than 50 workshops, presentations, caterings, 5-course dinners and brunches in the last two years, we take the next step:

We are opening our own restaurant! You can support us on www.bliss.eco and become a part of it! 😊

It all came to us pretty quickly. After a long time we have decided, to move to Fribourg. We chose this beautiful town as a place of residence for a variety of reasons. Tim and Cristina, two very good friends of ours who lived here before us were one of the reasons. It’s great to move in a city, where you are welcomed by like minded people.

We already knew that Tim and Cristina have been pursuing the dream of opening up a restaurant for many years. However, we didn’t even think about starting a gastronomic project with them when we made the decision to move to Fribourg. Since we’ve been organizing our own pop-up food events and visiting organic restaurants as a hobby, it was clear to us that we would once have a space, where we can connect all our activities. But a restaurant? In Fribourg? In the year 2018? This was quite unexpected.

In a conversation with Tim and Cristina, we decided to pursue our dreams together and start a common project. So we started to search for the ideal location. And because we found it so quickly – funnily enough, a former butchery – soon there after we founded a new company, created a rough concept, wrote a detailed business plan, which has been tested by experts, and as of now started a Crowdfunding campaign.

Bliss is a restaurant-Café, which puts sustainability in the first place. We partly grow our own ingredients with urban gardening, cooperate with local organic producers and focus on quick, healthy and delicious dishes. You will be able to pay our meals with our own app, and have them delivered by our bicycle courier or enjoy our dishes on-site.

Now you can find everything you need to know about our sustainable, healthy and enjoyable approach as well as the Crowdfunding campaign for our future restaurant on www.bliss.eco. There you can support us and benefit by many really great rewards at the same time.

🍴 Lunch for 2
🍴 Brunch à discrétion
🍴 4-Course Dinner
🍴 Cooking Classes
🍴 Free Meals Forever
🍴 and much more …

Donating with Crowdfunding is quite simple. If you are convinced by our project and you want to support us, you can select a reward (you can find the rewards on www.bliss.eco). Once you decide for one, you will be redirected to a form. There you enter your details, select your preferred payment method and confirm the donation. The process is absolutely fast and safe. We thank you and look forward to providing you with your selected reward.

It’s also possible to get to donate a free amount .

Good for the environment, our fellow human beings and ourselves: This is the restaurant “Bliss”, which will open in the fall 2018 in Fribourg.

Support our project and learn more about our restaurant on www.bliss.eco.

Follow our journey of setting up bliss on social media:

Be a part of bliss and change the world with us!


Lisa & Prosper

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