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Caramel Cream with Vanilla Apples (no refined sugar)

Are you looking for a super quick and yet impressive dessert for a spontaneous summer barbecue evening with friends? Then we have the solution for you. This caramel cream consists of only three ingredients and is actually very easy to prepare. Instead of refined sugar, caramelized dates provide a wonderful flavor. The cream tastes particularly delicious in combination with the vanilla apples. It’s a light sweet pleasure for hot days. This dessert contains healthy fats and other precious nutrients. It is also an excellent snack or breakfast. When there are leftovers, I add them into my oatmeal.
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Why plant-based (vegan)? Part 1

If we feel the same, you have also asked yourself this question. This is often the question that follows when we tell people that we have a plant-based diet as well as the question that is never asked as most people answer it for themselves. When asking about it what strikes me is that almost everyone has a very own answer to that question.

In the summer of 2014 I asked Lisa if she would join me on a plant-based diet. At first she was sceptical. Afterwards she agreed with the following question: “If the biggest meat fanatic I know wants to go on a plant-based diet, I’m in!”. With that sentence our path to a plant-based diet began.

In this article I describe our personal journey to a plant-based diet, what moved us to that, the difference to a vegan diet, facts on the production of food of animal origin, myths about the vegan diet and questions for further discussions on this topic.

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