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Hammam Basar Salon in Zurich

We visited the Hammam Basar Salon on a Sunday afternoon, after visiting the Swiss National Museum in Zurich for the first time. Although the whole week had been sunny, on Sunday it was very cold outside. That’s why we enjoyed the cosy atmosphere in the Hammam Basar Salon even more. We met with good friends and spent a perfect Sunday afternoon with exciting conversations, laughter and good food.

Here our review for the Hammam Basar Salon in Zurich.

Hammam Basar Salon
Mühlebachstrasse 157-159
8008 Zurich
044 382 90 60
Opening hours:
Mon-Sun 10:00-22:30

Quality The food at the Hammam Basar Salon is extremely tasty. If you like the Oriental cuisine, you will be thrilled. You can find various classic mezze such as falafel, hummus, tabulé and stuffed grape leaves on the menu. In addition, there are lunch menus, salads, and soups. On weekends you can enjoy the nomadic breakfast. Almost everything is vegan. The only exceptions are the sheep’s cheese and drinks that contain milk. In addition to the well-known dishes there are some new discoveries such as the carrot-dip, that clearly was one of our favourites, or the Tangerine salad, cinnamon and orange blossom water. Classic dishes such as the stuffed vine leaves or the falafel don’t taste the same as everywhere, but have the personal twist of the Hammam Basar Salon. There is also a large selection of beverages. You won’t find typical drinks like Cola or Ice Tea on the menu. Instead, there are many teas (which are served in a beautiful teapot with a little organic chocolate), wines and homemade drinks such as date milk or Lemonade. The ingredients used are organic and fresh. The mezze plates are served with salad and herbs. We also tasted the freshness of the vegetables in the intense green soup of the day we got. The spelt bread that is served for dinner is homemade. Everything is served beautiful and colorful. A few pomegranate seeds are placed on the spherical portioned hummus and the amber carrot dip is complemented by green herbs.

Service The staff wears light grey linen garments, what contributes to the ambience. It was easy, friendly and sympathetic, what was pleasant. The waitress regularly came by to clear away the empty dishes. Unfortunately, she was not overly attentive, when we wanted to order more bread, and could not answer our questions about the menu. But most likely it was because she was a backup. We didn’t wait too long for our food. There was no free tap water, but the price was donated to water projects.

Ambience As I said, we felt totally comfortable in the Hammam Basar Salon. The small room is pleasently furnished. There are many pillows on the seats and the hexagonal tables are ideal for great group conversation. Only for people who have long legs like Prospi, the tables are a bit too low. The tables are decorated with colorful flowers . The napkins are made of fabric and the tableware is carefully selected, so that it reinforces the Oriental ambience. At the entrance there is a small bar, where you can see the selection of tea herbs in large vessels. The Golden round lamps are very beautiful. There is also, a fireplace in the room. A lot of light enters from the adjoining courtyard. You can feel the connection to the hammam, as you pass many care products when entering the restaurant. We particularly liked the bookshelf, wherein guests may browse, with literature on the hammam tradition, the oriental kitchen, the vegan and organic lifestyle and more.

Price According to hunger and depending on whether you ordered a salad or a soup as a starter, a mezze plate for one or two persons is enough. If you share the dishes, the price is average The food however is particularly good. The prices for the lunch menu, breakfast and the appetizers are fair.

Plenty of light came out of the courtyard and the large window.

There was a bouquet of flowers on each table. This sugar bowl emphasised the Oriental ambience.

We ordered a Verveine-Lavender tea.

This is Prospi’s large salad.

And this is Lisa’s Green soup with peas, fennel, celery, spinach and Mint.

Our friend who ordered the nomadic breakfast got these three lovingly arranged dips.

These treats are also part of the nomadic breakfast.

Homemade bread as an accompaniment to the nomadic breakfast and the mezze plate.

Everything on this vegan mezze plate tasted wonderful.

Do you know the Hammam Basar Salon in Zurich? Then leave a comment with your impressions. This is valuable to us and the other readers.

Kind regards
Lisa and Prospi

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