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«Food Waste was Unknown» – Idy Bischofberger-Benz

Lisa often says that her Grandma Idy Bischofberger-Benz is one of her biggest role models. The today 83-year-old Idy is one of the last generations’ activists and has invested her life for global humanity. She has witnessed the rise of affluent societies and the increasing impact of the West on the rest of the world and greatly influenced today’s sustainability awareness with her personal investment.

With herbal tea and biscuits, she starts to tell me her story in her apartment in Lucerne.
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Diego and Roger of Emma & Söhne «Dare Naivety»

Diego Thürlemann and Roger Muamba supply East Switzerland with fruit and vegetable baskets of regional organic farms and micro- enterprises with their company Emma & Söhne (German for “sons”). Together with the farmers they take the basic supply of food in the region in their own hands. We organize our second workshop round with common cooking in St. Gallen in their headquarter on Saturday, June 4th, 2016.

In this portrait, the two tell us how they started a company that promotes and implements conscious food consumption. They inspire to dare naivety in our own projects and lead as an example.
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Masseuse Bernadette Seeholzer: «My Blindness Thought Me to Take One Day After Another»

On July 12, 1995, her doctor told her that her optic nerves have gone out. Then it dawned on her, she is blind. Her first thought was, “Life is not possible like this”, not more and not less. Soon it turned out that life is possible, just very different. Find out what she learned in this article.

Bernadette Seeholzer is a masseuse in the city of Basel, who offers classical massages, manual lymph drainages, foot reflex zone massages and connective tissue massages in her own practice called «Massage Seeholzer». We came in contact with her through the therapist platform Coachfrog.

In the past she was a nurse and as a part of a sister’s order she spent 11 years in various African countries and in Germany. in 1995, she went blind and did a formation as a masseuse. After that, she went for 3.5 years to Nairobi, where she worked for a Kenyan chiropractor. When she left the sister’s order in 2004 she returned to Switzerland. As she told us, she had lost her heart in Africa.

Here our portrait of Bernadette Seeholzer.

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Stories, Stories

Melanie Gerber of Familycious «Listen to Yourself»

Melanie Gerber from Basel is a nutrition coach, a cookbook author and a blogger from Familycious. She first studied economy and then worked for a long time for a large company in the financial industry in Zurich. During this time, she had a very unhealthy lifestyle with little sleep, a lot of cigarettes, unhealthy eating and lots of wine. This was accompanied by a long-time eating disorder. She realized something was wrong and heard an inner voice, which told her «This is not you.». Then she transformed her whole life and founded Familycious, to help others on their way.

In this portrait, Melanie tells us about her path to a healthy lifestyle and inspires us to act lovingly and to listen to our inner voice. We have also created a video portrait. In addition, we present her cookbook «pur.vollwertig.vegan.liebevoll» with a recipe example of her ayurvedic winter vegetable lentils soup.

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Stories, Stories

Nathalie Bayard on Permaculture: «Closing Cycles»

Nathalie Bayard from Biel combines her background in social and natural sciences in environmental education. She works for the project Jugendsolar, where they install photovoltaic systems on roofs together with young people. In addition, she works in a project for the reduction of prejudices against Muslims in Switzerland as well as for the Swiss Cancer League. She also volunteers for the Permaculture Association as a board member and in the secretary’s office.

Forest clearance. Loss of biodiversity. Consumer waste. A sustainable lifestyle is indispensable. Nathalie Bayard aims to promote the sensitivity in these areas with environmental education, and thus to counteract these developments. With her life and actions she inspires us to design more sustainable lifestyle. This protrait shows us what we can do on a small scale to drive big changes with the principles of permaculture.

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Tita Costa Portrait

Artist Tita Costa: «The Freedom Within»

Tita Costa is an artist from Porto, Portugal, who in our eyes reflects personal freedom and resilience. As you may already know Lisa and I go to Portugal every year, enjoy the culture, the weather and visit Lisa’s family (maternal), which originally comes from Porto. Tita is Lisa’s aunt living in Portugal with whom we have always had inspiring talks about life and the world. For Lisa, she is not only an interesting conversation partner but also a role model.

Do you know the feeling that you must do something? The feeling of being in a constant struggle? To stand in a cul-de-sac and have no choice? Tita shows us that there is another way, and that each and every one of us carries freedom within himself.

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Jerry Wieland of Körperbau: «Your mind determines the limits»

Jerry Wieland is a personal trainer in Zurich who offers group trainings in the Balboa Garage and fitness coaching under the name Körperbau. He shows you what your body is capable of with his honest and challenging workouts.

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