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bioschwand in Münsingen

Recently, we made an excursion to Münsingen at lunchtime to discover the bioschwand. The bioschwand is a competence center consisting of a hostel, a conference house, and a restaurant. Also, it is a place of encounter, focusing on all kinds of offers and events regarding the philosophy of organic production. We got to know the rich lunch buffet in the self-service restaurant.

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    How to Build an Ecological House – The Dream of Personal Freedom

    The next days and weeks we have planned exclusive 4-course gourmet dinners and big vegan brunch events in Zurich, Bern and St. Gallen. As always, everything is plant based, organic and wholesome. In addition, we will have a dessert cooking show at this year’s Veganmania in Gossau (St. Gallen, Switzerland). We are looking forward to this exciting time and to seeing you until then we would like to share with you, our journey to building our own ecological house.

    The dream of absolute personal freedom. Like the birds, living day by day, flying freely and getting everything you need to live from the world. Nutrition, companions and the joys of life. Despite their comparatively simple way of life, the birds lack nothing. They are independent of social pressure and the system, free from the rat race.

    If the birds can do it, why can’t we? If you share the dream of personal freedom with me, this article is for you.

    Here you will find the steps and components for the construction of an ecological house and how we plan to implement this in our life. Continue Reading


    Lentil Balls with Wild Garlic Sauce

    Hi everybody

    I hope you’re all enjoying spring. Spring is my favorite season of the year. I love how everything is starting to grow and live again. Furthermore, I really enjoy those sunny days that are not too hot yet, but still refreshing. Among others, nature offers us wild garlic that has the potential to transform any dish even if you add only a small amount thanks to its strong flavor. Today, I show you how I use it in a super creamy white sauce that tastes awesome combined with homemade lentil balls.

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    The Oh She Glows Cookbook
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    Hotel Swiss in Kreuzlingen

    We were invited to a 5-course gourmet dinner and to stay a night at the Hotel Swiss in the town of Kreuzlingen near Lake Constance. The Hotel Swiss is the first and only 100% vegan hotel in Switzerland. This applies to the food as well as the textiles and the personal care products in the bathrooms. On Friday evening, the operator and top chef Raphael Lüthy and his team offer the mentioned 5-course gourmet dinner, where individual courses can also be ordered. We were curious of we could expect.

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    Soft and Moist Veggie Muffins

    I use my muffin cups very often. Since we travel a lot, we need snacks that can be easily transported. Sweet muffins with all kinds of flavors of fruits, spices, and nuts are excellent. But sometimes we need something salty on the road. Thus, the idea of ​​vegetable muffins has arisen. They are perfect as a salty snack, as a lunch on the go for example with a lentil salad, as a hearty breakfast, as a starter with a green salad, as a party snack for children as well as for adults or as part of a picnic. You can enjoy them either warm or cold. They are healthy and completely plant-based, have a perfectly moist consistency and taste delicious. For a gluten-free version, you can use brown rice flour. That works very well. Depending on the season, you can vary with the vegetables. In summer, for example, the leeks can be replaced by zucchini. The following suggestion with carrots and leeks is our favorite and fits in the beginning of spring. So start baking! 🙂

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  • How to Change the World

    10 Thought Leaders Share Their Wisdom About How to Change the World

    If you are like me, you ask yourself the question how we can make the world a better place for all of us. In other words, “How we can change the world”. I’ve connected with 10 extraordinary people, activists, entrepreneurs, “polar bears” and book-writers, who all contribute in their way to change the world. Their answers were surprising, interesting and inspiring.

    Even though I do not agree with all the answers, they all enrich my view of the world and lead me to think and go new ways. I hope they do this for you too.

    Here 10 ways to change the world.

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    Vegan Culinary School: Sustainable, Healthy and Tasty Cooking

    Learn how to make sustainable, healthy, nutritious and delicious vegan dishes in our new 6-part semester course.
    The enormous variety of vegan and at the same time sustainable food
    Tips for a healthy diet, partly based on the Ayurvedic nutritional teachings
    Cooking concepts for everyday life and creative ways of using them
    Introduction to many new and familiar ingredients of the vegan cuisine and their preparation
    Practical shopping tips
    Cooking and creating main dishes, desserts, side dishes, appetizers, breakfast, snacks and beverages.
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    Seven Spoons
  • Vegan Brunch & Apéro

    Vegan Brunch & Apéro in Zurich

    It has been a while since we organized our first brunch in Zurich. After the big rush at the first follows the second Vegan Brunch!!! Again, completely organic and with wholesome ingredients.

    And even better, this time there is not only a brunch but also an apéro. Continue Reading

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    The Green Kitchen
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    Why plant-based (vegan)? Part 2 – Beyond Local

    Sustainability is on everyone’s lips. This is reflected in the acquaintance, who increasingly ditches meat, in the advertising of well-known sugar water corporations as well as in the growing alternative offer of the large supermarket chains. We are aware that we only have this one planet to live, and we adapt our lifestyle to this realization in both small and large. This includes things like the renouncement of unnecessary plastic waste or deliberately rare flying. But how far the influence of our diet reaches, how much lies in our hand and how we can change the world with our food choice, we’re usually not aware of.

    An increasing number of people are choosing to consume fewer animal products such as eggs, milk, and meat, or choose to completely go without animal products. The reasons for an increased plant-based and vegan diet are manifold. Two years ago, we published an article on the reasons for a plant-based vegan diet. There we have explained our personal point of view.

    In this article, we now take a closer look at the global context of a plant-based diet. Here is the second part of our answer to the question “Why plant-based (vegan)?”.

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