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Eco Hotel Ucliva

Hi everybody

Today we publish a hotel review for the first time. As you know, we visit a new organic restaurant every month. While looking for new restaurants, we found that there are also hotels that focus on sustainability. We think it’s awesome that there is a possibility to go on vacation sustainably. This is how the idea of presenting ecological hotels emerged. We could spend a night in the hotel Ucliva in Waltensburg, Switzerland that is certified by the association „Bio Suisse“. In addition we created a video about our experience.

Biohotel Ucliva
7158 Waltensburg/Vuorz

Bio Suisse Knospe

Biohotel Ucliva
7158 Waltensburg/Vuorz
081 941 22 42
Opening hours:
Mon-Sun 08:00-21:00

Bio Suisse Knospe

Why is Ucliva an eco hotel?

As the friendly director of the Ucliva offered us a look behind the behind the scenes of the Ucliva, we realized how complex and versatile a hotel business is. Consequently, there are many areas where you can pay attention to sustainability. The ingredients used in the restaurant are of course all organic. In addition, they are also mainly regional. Ucliva maintains close contacts with the producers in close proximity. We already told you a lot about our dinner and the breakfast buffet in our last article.

The soap and the shampoo in the bathrooms as well as the down in the pillows are also organic.
Auch die Seife und das Shampoo in den Badezimmern und die Daunen in den Kopfkissen sind biologisch.
There are particularly water-efficient shower heads. Moreover, the hot water is preheated by heat recovery of refrigeration and freezer systems and further heated by solar energy and the woodchip heating. Of course, everything is cleaned with ecological products. Guests are invited to submit their waste papers at the reception. Drinking water is available in beautiful reusable glass bottles.

A cosy hotel for the whole family

We really liked the hotel. Our room had a long balcony. Furthermore, it was equipped with a table and two chairs. In addition to the guest rooms, there are also a lot of communal rooms in Ucliva. The cosy lounge contains a little library and invites visitors to linger. We also found it great that there is a large children’s playroom with many toys on the top floor. The garden is also child-friendly as it contains a playground. Between the entry and the garden you’ll find the wonderful sun terrace, where we enjoyed the welcome apéro that is provided to all the guests.

In the area, there are many hiking trails and interesting destination. Of course, we used this opportunity and took a short walk to a ruined castle. In winter, skiers and snowboarders benefit from the chairlift just in front of the hotel that leads to the ski resort Brigels/Waltensburg/Andiast .

Mission of sustainability also on the social level

The Ucliva is organized as a cooperative. Guests may also join the cooperative if they like it. Founded already in the 1970s, the goal at that time was to reduce the exodus of the community with “sustainable tourism”. This is why the hotel Ucliva was opened in 1983 as Switzerland’s first eco hotel.

Today, the aim is also to raise awareness for the issue of sustainability among the guests. If they receive organic meals, this will perhaps affect their personal food consumption In addition, they are encouraged to arrive by public transport. Consciously, there are neither radios nor television in the rooms so that guests can get involved in the landscape of the Surselva without media distraction. In addition, the exchange between the guests is supported through the many common areas. We ourselves met new people and had very interesting talks with them. We noticed that the Ucliva is very suitable for allergy sufferers. There are special pillows and blankets available for people with down allergies and you can find lactose-free milk on the breakfast buffet.

The director, who originally comes from the financial sector, pursues the clear principle that she does not save on wages of employees. She takes into account that the profits might be lower due to fair wages and higher costs because of ecological decisions. We realized how important it is in hotel Ucliva that everyone feels good. This applies to the guests of all ages, the staff, the producers and the local population. Thus, sustainability goes well above environmental protection.

In this photo you can see the director Marion Pratzelt and her husband Torben Schwarz, who is in charge of the kitchen. Thank you again for the relaxing time we spent in Ucliva and for interesting tour behind the scenes.


I hope you enjoyed the review and will someday have the opportunity to experience the Ucliva.

Kind regards


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