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Dinner Cheap & Healthy Part 4: Lentil Veggie Stew with Brown Rice

It’s time again for a Cheap & Healthy recipe. During our holidays in Seattle we’ve made a lot of culinary experiences. Of course, we wanted to try out as many organic restaurant and new dishes or ingredients as possible. We didn’t pay too much attention on how much money we spent. Back at home, we find it important again to notice that good and healthy food doesn’t always have to be expensive. Sometimes, all we want is to enjoy a simple dinner requiring little preparation and containing only a few ingredients that are really cheap.

Lentils and brown rice belong to our standard stocks. We ALWAYS have them at home. The variety of the possibilities to prepare lentils is nearly endless. You can add almost every vegetable, spice or grain and it will work. I also love to experiment with sauces, olives, capers, roasted nuts/seeds, etc. Depending on the other ingredients I prefer specific type of lentils (red, green, yellow, brown, black,…). Today I’ll show you a very simple basic recipe of a lentil stew with vegetables. Feel free to add any other ingredient you like and have at home.

For those who don’t know it already, I’ll quickly repeat what the post series „Cheap & Healthy“ is about. I’ve started it to show how easy it is to eat organic, healthy, cheap and deliciously at the same time. Many people ask us how we do this. With the recipes of this post series, that always contain a shopping list by the way, I want to offer an answer.

I’ve already published the following recipes:

The recipes belonging to this post series are caracterised by the following criteria:

  • For me, cheap means that they cost less than 4 Swiss francs (e.g. 4 USD) per person. They are suitable for 4 servings, so the maximum price of the needed ingredients is 16 Swiss francs.
  • Under healthy I understand that the recipes contain high quality organic ingredients. They are composed of vegetables, sources of proteins, good fats as well as potatoes or wholegrain cereals. Hence, they are very nutritious. In my opinion, they offer your body exactly what it needs.
  • As you know, Prospi and I are on a plant-based diet. So the recipes are all vegan.
  • The preparation is very easy.
  • To simplify you the grocery purchase, I prepare shopping lists.

The organic ingredients for the lentil veggie stew with brown rice that I want to show you today are cheaply available at Migros and at Coop (these are the two most important supermarket chains in Switzerland). My shopping list refers to Migros.

Shopping list (for Migros):

300 g brown rice, organic 1.00 Swiss franc entire pack at 1 kg: 3.30 Swiss francs
300 g green lentils, organic 1.50 Swiss francs entire pack at 500 g: 2.50 Swiss francs
200 g zucchini, organic 1.00 Swiss franc one zucchini at about 250 g
300 g cauliflower, organic 2.50 Swiss francs one cauliflower at about 300 g
250 g carrots, organic 0.90 Swiss francs entire pack at 1 kg: 4.45 Swiss francs
olive oil, salt, pepper, spices (optional) max. 1.00 Swiss francs is part of the standard stocks and doesn’t have to be bought
TOTAL 7.90 Swiss francs for 4 servings
2.00 Swiss francs per serving
Shopping total: 13.75 Fr.

Some remarks concerning the shopping list:

  • There are some foods you can only buy in larger quantities. In the right-hand column you see the price for a whole pack. The number at the bottom on the right represents the price you pay for the whole purchase. But there will be leftovers, as you won’t need everything for the recipe.
  • I consider olive oil, salt and pepper as part of the standard stocks of every household. Therefore, I don’t list them at the right-hand bottom. In the middle column, you find an estimated price. So the effectively needed amount figures in the price. I usually buy unrefined sea salt and organic olive oil and pepper.
  • The prices of the vegetables vary according to the season and the Migros branch. I refer to the current prices on(Migros online shop).



Cut the vegetables into small pieces. Put the lentils into a sieve and wash them with water. Take a big pot and fry the vegetables with some oil. Add salt and stir well. After a short while, you can add the lentils and some water. Let everything simmer until the lentils are tender. The rice must be cooked with some salt in a separate pot or a rice cooker. Season the lentils with some pepper, salt and spices such as rosemary or thyme.

This is how a super tasty dinner looks like in our home when we feel like cooking something simple and cheap.

Have fun trying it out!

Kind regards


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