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Dinner Cheap & Healthy Part 3: Tomato-Eggplant-Olive-Penne with Roasted Sunflower Seeds

Can you guess what I missed the most when I was on holidays? Organic vegetables! It was quite difficult and sometimes even impossible to find organic groceries in Portugal. I realised that we are really privileged here in Switzerland in this regard. There are many grocery stores offering a wide selection of certified organic products. Organic food production convinces me. I buy organic food for the sake of my health and in respect of the environment.
When people get to know this, they often ask me if this isn’t extremely expensive. In my opinion, this doesn’t have to be the case. If you take a little time (and I really mean only a little…) to cook your own meals, it will be possible to eat healthy, organic and cheap at the same time. I hope that more and more people will grab this opportunity. This is why I will continue my post series called „Cheap & Healthy“ today. Of course, I won’t neglect the enjoyment factor. The Mediterranean Pasta that I’m going to show you is very tasty!
The already published recipes of the post series „Cheap & Healthy“ are:

The recipes belonging to this post series are caracterised by the following criteria:

  • For me, cheap means that they cost less than 4 Swiss francs (e.g. 4 USD) per person. They are suitable for 4 servings, so the maximum price of the needed ingredients is 16 Swiss francs.
  • Under healthy I understand that the recipes contain high quality organic ingredients. They are composed of vegetables, sources of proteins, good fats as well as potatoes or wholegrain cereals. Hence, they are very nutritious. In my opinion, they offer your body exactly what it needs.
  • As you know, Prospi and I are on a plant-based diet. So the recipes are all vegan.
  • The preparation is very easy.
  • To simplify you the grocery purchase, I prepare shopping lists.

For today’s recipe, I do the grocery shopping at Migros (for the non-Swiss: this is one of Switzerlands most important supermarket chains) and buy the following products:

500 g wholegrain penne, organic 2.20 Swiss francs 1 pack
350 g Eggplant, organic 2.10 Swiss francs 1 eggplant at about 350 g
500 g tomatoes, organic 3.40 Swiss francs 4 tomatoes at about 500 g
20 Greek olives, organic approx. 1.50 Swiss francs entire pack at 270 g: 2.35 Swiss francs
80 g sunflower seeds, organic 0.45 Swiss francs entire pack at 400 g: 2.25 Swiss francs
olive oil, salt, pepper, spices (optional) max. 1.00 Swiss francs is part of the standard stocks and doesn’t have to be bought
TOTAL 10.65 Swiss francs for 4 servings
2.70 Swiss francs per serving
Shopping total: 12.30 Swiss francs

Some remarks concerning the shopping list:

  • There are some foods you can only buy in larger quantities. In the right-hand column you see the price for a whole pack. The number at the bottom on the right represents the price you pay for the whole purchase. But there will be leftovers, as you won’t need everything for the recipe.
  • I consider olive oil, salt and pepper as part of the standard stocks of every household. Therefore, I don’t list them at the right-hand bottom. In the middle column, you find an estimated price. So the effectively needed amount figures in the price. I usually buy unrefined sea salt and organic olive oil and pepper.
  • The prices of the vegetables vary according to the season and the Migros branch. I refer to the current prices on(Migros online shop).



Make the penne according to the instructions on the packaging. Roast the sunflower seeds in a frying pan at low heat until they become brownish. Set them aside in a plate and let them cool. Meanwhile, cut the eggplant into pieces and fry them in the same pan using sufficient olive oil and salt. Now, you can cut the tomatoes and the olives. Mix everything together adding a little pepper. If you want, you can add more olive oil and salt. Of course, it is possible to spread some Italian spices on top.

Life can be so simple…

Enjoy your beautiful pasta bowl!

Kind regards,


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