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Dinner Cheap & Healthy Part 1: Baked Potatoes and Veggies with Cashew Sour Cream

Hello everyone!

Today I start a post series called “Cheap & Healthy”.

Prospi and I have often been asked:

“Is it possible to eat healthy and at the same time cheap?”

I could write a whole article to answer this question. Of course it depends on what you consider as healthy and what as cheap. But the short answer is: YES. I’m convinced that you can eat healthy without spending a lot of money.

Many people would like to eat healthy, but see the costs as an obstacle. This is why I want to show you with this post series how you can enjoy delicious and healthy dinners that are really cheap.

The main trick is COOKING. If you regularly cook your own meals instead of opting for the ready-to-eat meals in the supermarket or even go to the restaurant, you can save a lot of money!

  • The recipes I suggest are very simple. I’m sure everybody is going to succeed.
  • For me, cheap means that they cost less than 4 Swiss francs (e.g. 4 USD) per person. They are suitable for 4 servings, so the maximum price of the needed ingredients is 16 Swiss francs.
  • Under healthy I understand that the recipes contain high quality organic ingredients. They are composed of vegetables, sources of proteins, good fats as well as potatoes or wholegrain cereals. Hence, they are very nutritious. In my opinion, they offer your body exactly what it needs.
  • As you know, Prospi and I are on a plant-based diet. So the recipes are all vegan.

To simplify you the grocery purchase, I’ll even prepare shopping lists!

So now you know what it’s all about. Let’s start with the first dinner. Today we’ll have baked potatoes and veggies with cashew sour cream. To get the ingredients, you need to go to Migros (for the non-Swiss: this is one of Switzerlands most important supermarket chains).

Shopping list (for Migros):

2 kg potatoes, organic 5.90 Swiss francs 2 packs at 1 kg
300 g aubergine, organic 2.25 Swiss francs an aubergine at about 300 g
300 g peppers, organic 2.75 Swiss francs two peppers at about 300 g
100 g cashews, organic 2.90 Swiss francs 1 pack at 100 g
40 ml apple vinegar, organic 0.20 Swiss francs whole bottle at 500 ml: 2.90 Swiss francs
olive oil, salt, pepper, herbs (optional) max. 1.00 Swiss francs is part of the standard stocks and doesn’t have to be bought
TOTAL 15.00 Swiss francs for 4 servings
3.75 Swiss francs per person
Shopping total: 17.70 Swiss francs

Some remarks concerning the shopping list:

  • There are some foods you can only buy in larger quantities. In the right-hand column you see the price for a whole pack. The number at the bottom on the right represents the price you pay for the whole purchase. But there will be leftovers, as you won’t need everything for the recipe.
  • I consider olive oil, salt and pepper as part of the standard stocks of every household. Therefore, I don’t list them at the right-hand bottom. In the middle column, you find an estimated price. So the effectively needed amount figures in the price. I usually buy unrefined sea salt and organic olive oil and pepper.
  • The prices of the vegetables vary according to the season and the Migros branch. I refer to the current prices on(Migros online shop).



Cut the potatoes and the veggies into pieces and spread them on a big gratin dish or a baking tray. Then, pour some oil on top. Season with salt and pepper and stir the pieces well. If you want, you can add herbs of your choice. Rosemary, oregano or thyme would be particularly suitable. Bake this for an hour at 200C/392F. Meanwhile, prepare the cashew sour cream. You need to blend the cashews, the apple vinegar, a pinch of salt and 60 ml water. In a previous post you can see a recipe video with me preparing the cashew sour cream.

Enjoy your meal and have a wonderful weekend!


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