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Cultura dos Sabores in Porto

As some of you may know, we go to Portugal on holidays every year. Two years ago, we have discovered the restaurant Cultura dos Sabores in Porto and since that moment we’ve been big fans. In the article «Plant-based (vegan) travelling» , I’ve already recommended you to go there. In the meantime, we ate there again several times and it was each time a pleasure. Therefore, we finally wrote a review of this great restaurant.

Here our review for lunch at Cultura dos Sabores.

Cultura dos Sabores
Rua de Ceuta, 80
4050-189 Porto
+351 22 201 05 56
+351 91 750 10 46

The highlight in Cultura dos Sabores is clearly the buffet which includes a big variety of hot and cold dishes. You can enjoy it at lunchtime as well as at dinnertime. Already the number of different kinds of vegetables, which are represented in the salads, is remarkable. Mostly everything was vegan. Some offers, in particular, certain snacks and desserts, are vegetarian. The ingredients are exclusively organic. The focus of the restaurant is on the health aspect of food. Therefore, the offer is checked by a dietician. You can see that the buffet is very balanced, as there are several protein-rich foods, usually based on legumes. Wholegrain products like brown rice are also available. The colourful salads containing vegetables, fruits and legumes are prepared with a lot of love. They are really tasty. We also liked the horseradish dip with crackers from the cold buffet. My highlight of the warm buffet were the dumplings with a filling made from chickpeas and exotic fruits. Also, the tofu with mushrooms and a creamy white sauce and the fruity chickpea curry tasted great. A hot or cold tea and a delicious vegetable soup are also included in the buffet. Alternatively, you can order some “veganized” Portuguese fast food.  The dessert selection is small but fine. We especially liked the warm apple crumble.

The Cultura dos Sabores is located in Porto, on a quiet side street next to the Avenida dos Aliados. The swings in front of the large windows are the playful feature. Otherwise, the room is simple and nicely decorated. It is rather small, which has the advantage that you’re close to the buffet. There is a second floor for days with many clients. Pleasant classical music was playing in the background.

We were friendly welcomed at the entrance. The staff speaks English very well, which is helpful for the many tourists that visit Cultura dos Sabores. We could just begin to serve ourselves at the buffet. You can pay after eating at the box office. There is no need to wait for the bill. In the case you would like to order something, there is always attentive staff in the room. We found it great that whenever anything of the buffet was empty, it was quick refilled. The names of the hot dishes were written in Portuguese and English. They were placed in covered containers, in which they stayed really warm.

The buffet costs less at lunch than in the evening. Also, it is more inexpensive during the week than at the weekend. However, we found it generally very inexpensive, especially if you consider that soup and a drink are included. In Portugal, the Cultura dos Sabores is not in the low price range. But the value for money is, however, top, as everything is organic. Compared with Swiss restaurants, it is an extremely inexpensive local.

The swings on which you can eat are characteristic for the Cultura dos Sabores.

However, there are also many places on normal tables.

Colourful salads on the cold buffet.

We really loved this traditional Portuguese cabbage, the chickpea curry and the spicy bean burgers.

This is how delicious sustainable food can be.

In Cultura dos Sabores, we enjoyed delicious dumplings with different fillings.

A dream for salad lovers.

This is a vegetarian banana cake.

The vegan chocolate mousse contains avocado.

We absolutely loved this apple crumble.

Do you know the Cultura dos Sabores?

Then leave a comment with your experience. This is valuable to us and to other readers.

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