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Cookbook Review: “Eat Better Not Less” & Sweet Potato Peanut Cream

Today I’ll share with you a review of a cookbook written by a Swiss author. It is very topical, as the book was published in October 2015. Its title «Eat Better Not Less» already tells a lot about the content. Nevertheless, I’m glad to answer you the usual six questions of the cookbook reviews here on Journey to Real Life.

When I look at cookbooks, I’m mostly interested in the special recipes. Luckily, I found a lot of them in “Eat Better Not Less“. There were two recipes who made it in the final selection for the one I’m sharing with you: A date hummus and a sweet potato peanut cream. I decided to pick the sweet potato peanut cream because I had all the ingredients at home. Another reason for this choice was the fact that sweet potatoes are one of my and peanut butter is one of Prospi’s favorite foods. And what shall I say…? The cream just turned out as awesome as expected. To combine sweet potatoes and peanut in a naturally sweetened dessert is just a genius idea!! You’ll find the recipe at the end of this article.

Here is my review of Nadia Damaso’s cookbook “Eat Better Not Less.

Eat Better Not Less
Author: Nadia Damaso
Editor: Fona

Nadia Damaso is a Swiss Food Blogger who got known through Instagram.

Who is Nadia Damaso?

Nadia Damaso is a 20 year old Swiss girl who is currently doing an education in film acting. Besides, she also runs a food blog on which she regularly shares healthy and tasty recipes. She calls cooking and photography her passions that have been a part of here life since childhood. Later, she also got interested in health and nutrition. She got known through her Instagram account, where she shares pictures of here creative meals. As the number of followers was growing, she decided to sell an e-book and start a blog. Finally, she fulfilled her dream to publish her own print cookbook. As the german version is being sold so well, she is soon going to translate it in english. Her goal is to show that healthy food doesn’t need to be boring and that we don’t need to eat less, but just a little better.

How are the recipes?

As I just said, Nadia Damaso wants to show how versatile, creative and delicious healthy food can be. And she absolutely succeded. Her recipes don’t contain refined sugar, white flour or processed foods with additives. Instead, you’ll find wholesome dishes with fruits and vegetables, spices, nuts and nut butters as well as so-called superfoods. Some recipes contain meat or fish. However, most of them are vegetarian with vegan options, as you can choose whether you use dairy or plant milk. The sweeteners are also freely selectable. Nadia Damaso suggests to work with honey, agave syrup, rice syrup or coconut sugar/nectar. There are also many recipes containing dates. The cookbook “Eat Better Not Less” is divided into three parts: breakfasts, main dishes and desserts. There are many subchapters such as “sandwich, burger, toast & wrap” or “oatmeal/porridge & chia-bowl”. You can notice that Nadia Damaso loves breakfast by the fact that the main dishes only start at page 115.

What else can you find?

At the beginning of the book, Nadia Damaso introduces the reader into the philosophy of “Eat Better Not Less”. She gives some practical tips to implement it in everyday life. Moreover, she shows a categorically organised table with the food products that can be found in her kitchen. Her favorite superfoods and kitchen utensils are also presented.

What is particularly good?

There is a reason why Nadia Damaso got known through Instagram. Her photos that always have a dark background and are styled a little messy look terribly appetizing. Each recipe is illustrated with a colorful photo and contains a little introduction that motivates the reader even more to try it out. What I really like are the opposite flavours that are combined in the dishes. For example, there is peach with aspargus in a spring salad, chickpeas with dates in a hummus variation, apples with sweet potatoes in a tart or thyme with coconut in a sweet icecream. For the most part, the author also gives some tips on how to decorate the dishes as beautifully as possible.

What could be better?

Many things are labelled as healthy without further explanation. I miss a part where the author explains exactly what she means by “eat better” and what are the reasons for it. But this is not that bad, as every reader can (and should) find his own definition and Nadia Damaso’s recipes are in any case a huge inspiration.

For whom is this book interesting?

I recommend the cookbook “Eat Better Not Less” to everybody who likes to be creative when cooking and is open for special culinary moments. No big cooking skills are needed. Nadia Damaso is convinced that everybody can cook and motivates people with this message. Most of the recipes are suitable for everyday life. The book is particularly great if you are a breakfast lover and want to bring more variations into your mornings. In case you want to implement more fruits and vegetables, wholegrain products and sweets without refined sugar into your diet without sacrificing taste or pleasure, this book is perfect.


As mentioned, I want to share with you the recipe for an absolutely delicious sweet potato peanut cream from “Eat Better Not Less“. In the book, this recipe is called “peanut cream”. But in my opinion the sweet potato plays an important role and should have its place in the name of the recipe. 🙂


plant-based (vegan), soy-free, lactose-free, sugar-free, gluten-free

3 servings

Preparation time:

Level of difficulty: easy


  • 4 medjool dates or 8 normal dates (pitted)
  • 1/2 sweet potato (or one little sweet potato)
  • 2 tbsp peanut butter
  • 1-3 tsp honey (or another sweetener)
  • 250 ml almond milk
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 30 g/1.1 oz cashews


As my sweet potatoes were so small, I used a whole one, even though the recipe tells to use only half of it. The sweet potato needs to be peeled.

Then, cut the sweet potato into small pieces. Cook it in a small covered pot with approximately 50 to 100 ml water, the dates and a pinch of salt. Nadia Damaso suggests to throw away the water when this is cooked. However, I found that a pitty because the water takes on a lot of flavor and sweetness. This is why I didn’t do it. Let it cool, add all the other ingredients and blend it well. It is important to let it cool so that the honey won’t loose its precious nutrients. You can use as much cashews as you want to. They will help you to reach the desired consistency.

At the left, you see my version, garnished wih a little piece of date, peanut butter and cashew butter. Nadia Damaso’s topping contains raspberries and shredded nuts. On the same page of the book, there is also the recipe for a chocolate cream with avocado, banana and dates.

And here you can buy the book:

Are you also thrilled by this sweet potato peanut creation?

And did you already get Nadia Damaso’s book? (Or are you waiting for the english version?)

Kind regards


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