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Gardening as therapy

Do you have a portion of a garden in your house? If you do, have you worked on it? Have you really enjoyed it? If you don’t have a garden, are you growing plants indoors? How much do you take care of them?

Every time I lived in a house with a garden, one of the first things I’ve done was to reserve a small piece of it to grow my own vegetables, herbs and flowers. Not to mention my indoor plants, which are absolutely mandatory! But why and how growing plants can contribute to your wellbeing?

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Closing the loop with worm castings

When we moved to a new apartment this spring, we asked ourselves, how we can set up our home as sustainable as possible, as well as simple and cozy. Among other things, we thought about introducing worm composting. So, we researched what products could help us do that. We were especially excited, about the Swiss project WormUp. So we immediately contacted the young enthusiastic worm WormUp team with the suggestion that we could report about their product and receive a discount in return. After getting their agreement they organized a WormUp training in a package free shop called, Atout Vrac right around the corner of our Restaurant Bliss in Fribourg. Prospi took part in the training and got lots of insights about dealing with the WormUp worm compost. He came back home with the aesthetic new WormUp compost, which now replaces our former bright green plastic compost bins and fits perfectly with our big and beautiful kitchen.

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Peace through massage of our next generations?

How would the world look like, if we would trust each other more? What if we were working more together instead of fighting against each other? What if we were not afraid to get in touch with other people, support them, and ask for help? What if we would never feel alone again? What would a world look like in which we all see ourselves as allies, despite our different qualities and values? What would life be like, if we loved ourselves and others wholeheartedly? How would it be if we could face all the challenges of life with confidence?

I’ve thought a lot about these questions, and it is an important part of the Journey to Real Life philosophy to go in that direction. We are convinced that a more peaceful world with happier people is the answer to all these questions. For us, «Real Life» is a life in harmony with 1. nature, but also with 2. our fellow human beings and 3. ourselves. Today I will discuss living in harmony with our fellow human beings. We want to pursue a path that improves relationships between people and contributes to the fortune of everybody.

In this article I will show you how you can take a simple step in this direction and what massages have to do with it.

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Clean Drinking Water

Every 8 seconds a child dies because of contaminated water. Water is our most important nutrient. Every seventh person has no access to clean drinking water, every third lives without toilets or latrines.

Reasons for this are the spread of industrial agriculture, rising meat consumption, climate change and our own daily decisions as individuals.

So far, I thought that we don’t need to worry about water supply in the water castle called Switzerland. The best thing we can do is it to support organizations that help people who do not have safe access to clean water. But is that all? And is our water as clean as we think?

The «initiative for clean drinking water» in Switzerland caught my attention as it points out, that clean drinking water is a structural challenge. What I found out as a result shocked me, surprised me, made me thoughtful and further encouraged me on my journey. I would like to pass my newly gained awareness to you in this article.

Here the challenges to clean drinking water and what we can do in our own lives locally for a global impact for clean drinking water.

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8 Aspects of the to Real Life Food Philosophy

New diet theories are trending every few years. It was said that we should avoid fats. Suddenly, the problem was no longer the fats but the carbohydrates. Now it’s said we should eat a particular amount of proteins. Coconut oil is hyped as a Superfood one month and the next month it increases the risk for cardiovascular disease.

Common reasons for such contradicting messages are the simplification of research results in the media, the marketing of the diet and sports industries, doctors that haven’t been trained for nutrition, studies funded by large corporations as well as persuasive lobbyists.

What we need to be able to cut through, are not more myths and tactics, but a basic philosophy, which helps us to orientate ourselves in the jungle of diet theories.

In this article, you’ll learn what about the to Real Life food philosophy. Our Brunch and gourmet dinner events, recipes and our personal diets are based on this philosophy. You can also use the following tips for your personal journey.
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Cookbook Review “Porridge” & Chocolate Banana Zoats

A few years ago, I suffered from digestive issues. As a consequence, I changed a few things in my diet. From TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) I learned that having a warm breakfast might help me. From that moment, my first meal of the day has been oatmeal. I’m convinced that this was one of the changes that healed me the most. This is how I became an oatmeal lover. What I put into my oatmeal changes according to what I feel like eating. However, I make my beloved apricot and almond porridge most of the times.

When I first heard of the cookbook that is all about oatmeals with more than 50 recipes, I was very interested. Today, I’ll share my review on this book with you. Furthermore, I’ll present you a special, healthy and yummy recipe that I didn’t know before reading the book. It’s a very easy sweet oatmeal made of zucchini, banana and raw cacao.

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Sustainable Work of the Future – 3 Tips

Many people in my social circle are tired of their work and dream of a passive income, location independence and a job that inspires and fulfills them.

To me, sustainable work means designing my work life in a way that nurtures my life as a whole. It is not only about functioning but about taking full advantage of the riches of life.

I have a vision that in the future we will all be able to have a sustainable work life. In this article, I share three tips on how you can implement the sustainable work of the future into the now. Continue Reading


How to Make Sprouts in 3 Easy Steps

Sprouts are true wonders of nature. They can be sown every day of the year and neither need ground nor direct sunlight. In a few days, the vitamins contained in the original seeds multiply up to 1200% and a glass filled with sprouts develops from a handful of seeds. In addition, they are great additions to your plates.

In this article, you’ll learn how you can grow sprouts yourself in easy steps and how you can use the sprouts in your everyday life. In addition, at the end of the article, there is a sweepstake to win a sprouts glass and a seed package. 😉 Continue Reading


10 Thought Leaders Share Their Wisdom About How to Change the World

If you are like me, you ask yourself the question how we can make the world a better place for all of us. In other words, “How we can change the world”. I’ve connected with 10 extraordinary people, activists, entrepreneurs, “polar bears” and book-writers, who all contribute in their way to change the world. Their answers were surprising, interesting and inspiring.

Even though I do not agree with all the answers, they all enrich my view of the world and lead me to think and go new ways. I hope they do this for you too.

Here 10 ways to change the world.

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