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Hammam Basar Salon in Zurich

We visited the Hammam Basar Salon on a Sunday afternoon, after visiting the Swiss National Museum in Zurich for the first time. Although the whole week had been sunny, on Sunday it was very cold outside. That’s why we enjoyed the cosy atmosphere in the Hammam Basar Salon even more. We met with good friends and spent a perfect Sunday afternoon with exciting conversations, laughter and good food.

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Bioland in Olten

Since we are often travel between our home in the French-speaking part of Switzerland and the rest of Switzerland by train, we are regularly at the Olten train station. When we recently went to Basel for an exciting portrait article (more on this coming soon), we decided to include a stopover in the Bioland Olten at lunch time. This restaurant, which is an organic health food store as well as an organic restaurant, is located directly next to the train station. I already knew about the high quality of the products and the lunch meals sounded so delicious that I always wanted to try one. My positive expectations were even exceeded.

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Restaurant Bacio in Basel

We already know the organic restaurant Bacio, located in the heart of Basel for a long time. Since we had totally positive memories, the Ayurvedic cuisine currently particularly interestes us and we were in Basel anyway to get to know Melanie Gerber and to make a Portrait of her, it was obvious to go there again. We spent a wonderful evening with great conversations and tasty food.

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Other Restaurants

Gärtnerei in Bern

The Gärtnerei is a healthy fast-food restaurant chain, which has 3 more locations in Zurich as well as the location in Bern. They combine sustainability and enjoyment, with the demand for quick meals. Their attention to sustainability also shows with the packaging and the delivery service, which delivers by bicycles. Soups, salads and sandwiches can be eaten there all day, and warm bowls from 6 pm.

Here our lunch review for the Gärtnerei in Bern. Continue Reading

Organic Restaurants

Vegelateria and The Sacred in Zurich

The Vegelateria is a vegan restaurant, a small organic store, a take-away and a Gelateria in Zurich. For being such a great place to eat well, too little attention is paid to it. The restaurant part is called “The Sacred and Secret Way of Amazing Strength,” short “The Sacred”. There you find a buffet of different with love made vegan dishes before concluding with an ice cream of the Gelateria.

Here our dinner review of the Vegelateria and The Sacred in Zurich. Continue Reading

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Maison Blunt in Zurich

Free Saturday. Sun. Family and friends. Zurich District 5. Looking for organic food from one thousand and one nights. Maison Blunt.

As part of our ritual of visiting a new organic restaurant every month, we’ve spent a sunny Saturday afternoon with family and friends at the Maison Blunt in Zurich.

Here our review for the Maison Blunt in Zurich. Continue Reading

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Café Kairo in Bern

Where do you go if you are looking for an organic restaurant in Bern to enjoy your dinner outside on a warm summer evening? To the Café Kairo!

We have often visited the Café Kairo for dinner or for an aperitif and were happy to come by again after a long time.

Here our Café Kairo dinner review. Continue Reading

Other Restaurants

Tibits in Bern Gurtengasse

Tibits is a vegetarian organic restaurant chain, with six restaurants in Switzerland and one in London. It was founded by three Frei brothers and the Hiltl family, which operates Haus Hiltl in Zurich. Here you serve yourself from a buffet and you pay by weight.

Lisa and I are regularly here for a dinner with friends, an after work beer, a take-away sandwich or just for a dessert. After visiting almost all Tibits restaurants in Switzerland we decided that it was finally time to report about our experiences.

Here our Tibits Bern Gurtengasse dinner review. Continue Reading

Other Restaurants

3dosha in Bern

The 3dosha is an Ayurveda all-rounder, who offers not only a delicious organic restaurant, but also a resort, massages, cooking courses and a shop. We visited the restaurant last month, where on the day of our visit everything expect the yogurt was purely plant-based and vegan.

In the evening, the 3dosha surprises with a seasonal all you can eat buffet, which can also be enjoyed as a take-away menu.
I couldn’t miss this as a buffet lover.

Here our review for dinner at the 3dosha restaurant in Bern. Continue Reading

Organic Restaurants

Organic Restaurants

If you also like eating out while paying attention to the quality of ingredients, this is the right site for you. The organic restaurants that can be found here use at least 80% organic ingredients according to their own statements.

We are successively visiting the listed restaurants. You can find the already published reviews when you scroll down beyond the directory.

Do you know one of these restaurants? Then leave a comment with your impressions. This is valuable for us and for our readers.

P.S. Do you know a swiss organic restaurant that is not listed in the directory? Then send us an email at

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