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Organic Restaurants

Organic Restaurants

Organic Restaurants

If you also like eating out while paying attention to the quality of ingredients, this is the right site for you. The organic restaurants that can be found here use at least 80% organic ingredients according to their own statements.

We are successively visiting the listed restaurants. You can find the already published reviews when you scroll down beyond the directory.

Do you know one of these restaurants? Then leave a comment with your impressions. This is valuable for us and for our readers.

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Organic Restaurants

Ryokan Usagiyama Hasenberg in Widen

As you may already know, we are very interested in Japanese culture and love Japanese food. As a consequence, it was a great experience for us to get to know the only Ryokan in Europe. A Ryokan is a traditionally decorated Japanese hotel. At the Ryokan Hasenberg, located in the heart of Switzerland, you’ll find a very diverse culinary offer. Guests can choose between the sushi bar, the à la carte restaurant and the exquisite Kaiseki restaurant called Usagiyama. We enjoyed a wonderful Kaiseki menu, which consisted of eight courses.

Here our Kaiseki gourmet menu review for the Ryokan Usagiyama in Widen. Continue Reading

Organic Restaurants

bioschwand in Münsingen

Recently, we made an excursion to Münsingen at lunchtime to discover the bioschwand. The bioschwand is a competence center consisting of a hostel, a conference house, and a restaurant. Also, it is a place of encounter, focusing on all kinds of offers and events regarding the philosophy of organic production. We got to know the rich lunch buffet in the self-service restaurant.

Here our lunch review for the bioschwand in Münsingen. Continue Reading

Organic Restaurants

Blend Teehaus in Luzern

It was a friend that lives in Luzern who told me about Blend Teehaus for the first time. I immediately knew I wanted to try this organic oriental brunch. A few weeks later I went there with Prospi and my friend so to discover this cozy little place.

Here is our review for the brunch in Blend Teehaus in Luzern. Continue Reading

Organic Restaurants

Cultura dos Sabores in Porto

As some of you may know, we go to Portugal on holidays every year. Two years ago, we have discovered the restaurant Cultura dos Sabores in Porto and since that moment we’ve been big fans. In the article «Plant-based (vegan) travelling» , I’ve already recommended you to go there. In the meantime, we ate there again several times and it was each time a pleasure. Therefore, we finally wrote a review of this great restaurant.

Here our review for lunch at Cultura dos Sabores. Continue Reading

Organic Restaurants

Brasserie Lorraine in Bern

We just love to visit organic restaurants with great people. Brasserie Lorraine is an especially cozy place for this. We were there with two friendly couples on a Saturday evening. We laughed and talked a lot. Real Life. We took some photos for you and summarized our impressions in this article.

Here our review for dinner at the Brasserie Lorraine in Bern. Continue Reading

Restaurant-Ucliva-Hotel-Review-Rezension (1 of 18)
Organic Restaurants

Ucliva in Waltensburg

On the wonderfully sunny Ascension weekend in early may, we made a trip to Surselva. We were allowed to spend a very relaxing time at the Bio-Hotel (organic hotel) Ucliva. We will report about the green hotel and its sustainable approach in our next article. Today I want to present you the Ucliva restaurant. This is an important part of the hotel and attracts numerous guests from Switzerland and abroad.

Here our dinner and brunch review of the Ucliva in Waltensburg. Continue Reading

Organic Restaurants

Hammam Basar Salon in Zurich

We visited the Hammam Basar Salon on a Sunday afternoon, after visiting the Swiss National Museum in Zurich for the first time. Although the whole week had been sunny, on Sunday it was very cold outside. That’s why we enjoyed the cosy atmosphere in the Hammam Basar Salon even more. We met with good friends and spent a perfect Sunday afternoon with exciting conversations, laughter and good food.

Here our review for the Hammam Basar Salon in Zurich. Continue Reading

Organic Restaurants

Vegelateria and The Sacred in Zurich

The Vegelateria is a vegan restaurant, a small organic store, a take-away and a Gelateria in Zurich. For being such a great place to eat well, too little attention is paid to it. The restaurant part is called “The Sacred and Secret Way of Amazing Strength,” short “The Sacred”. There you find a buffet of different with love made vegan dishes before concluding with an ice cream of the Gelateria.

Here our dinner review of the Vegelateria and The Sacred in Zurich. Continue Reading