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Blend Teehaus in Luzern

It was a friend that lives in Luzern who told me about Blend Teehaus for the first time. I immediately knew I wanted to try this organic oriental brunch. A few weeks later I went there with Prospi and my friend so to discover this cozy little place.

Here is our review for the brunch in Blend Teehaus in Luzern.

Blend Teehaus GmbH
Furrengasse 7
6004 Luzern
041 545 85 27
Opening Hours:
Monday Cultural Evening
Di-Sa 09.00-00.30
So 10.00-00.30

In Blend Teehaus, they use almost exclusively organic ingredients. We were informed that only some bread and herbs were not produced organically. The brunch was described as oriental. This was what we expected and also what we got. We found many well-known dishes from the oriental cuisine: tabbouleh salad, hummus, marinated olives, medjool dates, etc. The buffet offered a variety of savoury and sweet dishes. Some of them were vegan and the others vegetarian. Included in the brunch price was also a hot dish. I chose a pumpkin soup with coconut milk and ginger. Prospi chose an eggplant stew, which was garnished with fresh mint as special and delicious flavour component. Also included were coffee, the daily tea, orange juice, apple juice and water. We found that the different foods fit together well. It was a pleasure to combine them for breakfast. We particularly liked the lentil salad with walnuts and cranberries.

Blend Teehaus is a very small restaurant. I felt like being in a cosy family living room. As it was so cold outside, the atmosphere was even more comforting. The dishes that are used are particularly beautiful and some of them are sold. The seats are very soft. There are both soft chairs, as well as benches covered with pillows. In one corner, there are toys for the little guests. Much attention is paid to details. For example, we liked the patterned table surfaces and the flowers. The restaurant is centrally located in Lucerne’s old town and near the train station. Characteristic is the large semicircular window in a quiet side street.

Only one person took care of the guests in this small restaurant. She was straightforward and friendly. Several times she came to clear away the used dishes and ask if we have any wishes. On the tables, there were cards describing what is included in the brunch and which additional foods you can order. All the foods on the buffet were labelled. Whether something was vegan or not, was clearly indicated. Whenever something was empty, it was quickly refilled. In Blend Teehaus, you can order tap water, of which the proceeds go to the project “Wasser für Wasser”.

The price is really fair, as you’ll get a rich brunch à discretion that is mainly organic. Furthermore, hot and cold drinks are included.


This was the cozy table on which we enjoyed our brunch.


Fresh oriental dishes at the brunch buffet.


You can also find some sweet dishes, especially if you are are a muesli lover. However, not a lot of them were vegan.


Marinated olives, hummus, medjool dates, letnil salad, tabbouleh salad and wholegrain bread on my plate.


And here is Prospi’s plate. We liked the green dishes.


From the warm dishes, I chose this pumpkin soup with a lot of coconut milk.


Prospi chose this eggplant stew.


The included daily tea was served in this lovely teapot. It was a kind of black tea.

Do you know the Blend Teehaus?

Then leave a comment with your experience. This is valuable to us and to other readers.

Lisa & Prosper

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