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bioschwand in Münsingen

Recently, we made an excursion to Münsingen at lunchtime to discover the bioschwand. The bioschwand is a competence center consisting of a hostel, a conference house, and a restaurant. Also, it is a place of encounter, focusing on all kinds of offers and events regarding the philosophy of organic production. We got to know the rich lunch buffet in the self-service restaurant.

Here our lunch review for the bioschwand in Münsingen.

Schwand 3
3110 Münsingen
+41 (0) 31 312 59 55

The bioschwand is open from Monday to Friday at lunchtime and offers a rich 3-course buffet. The warm dishes always contain meat and vegetarian options. Before our visit, we told them that we’d prefer something vegan. They made sure that the vegetarian option was free from animal products. The ingredients are exclusively organic. Many of them are produced at the bioschwand itself. You can compose a delicious salad dish on the seasonal salad buffet. We particularly like the fact that freshly grown sprouts are offered every day. Even the bread is homemade. Next, there is always a daily soup. The main dishes were very good. As a vegetable side, there were leeks. Another brilliant side dish consisted of mashed blue potatoes with fresh herbs. The stroganoff with a lupine product we didn’t know before tasted great. Finally, there was a tomato-based bean stew.

The guests are received very friendly in the bioschwand. But there is not much staff since it is a self-service restaurant. The buffet was presented to us before we served ourselves. Our table was cleared whenever we’d finished a course.

The dining room of the bioschwand is beautiful. Thanks to the many large windows it is brightly lit. The wooden elements make it particularly comfortable. The tables are lovingly decorated with fresh flowers according to the season. All tables are round. The location is very idyllic and quiet.

At the bioschwand, you get lunch for an average price. The whole menu including salad, soup and a main dish costs 20.- Swiss Francs, the drinks not included. This price is absolutely adequate regarding the high quality of the ingredients.

This is how the beautiful dining room, where you can enjoy your lunch, looks like.

You can compose a delicious starter with all kinds of organic and seasonal salads.

There are also fresh sprouts and different homemade dressings for your salad.

You can also serve yourself at the warm buffet.

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A yummy hot soup.

This is how my plate full of tasty vegan dishes looked like.

You can have soup, salad, and warm dishes at the bioschwand.

Here is our Lunch Story Video.

Do you know the bioschwand?

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