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Bioland in Olten

Since we are often travel between our home in the French-speaking part of Switzerland and the rest of Switzerland by train, we are regularly at the Olten train station. When we recently went to Basel for an exciting portrait article (more on this coming soon), we decided to include a stopover in the Bioland Olten at lunch time. This restaurant, which is an organic health food store as well as an organic restaurant, is located directly next to the train station. I already knew about the high quality of the products and the lunch meals sounded so delicious that I always wanted to try one. My positive expectations were even exceeded.

Here our lunch review of Bioland in Olten.

Tannwaldstrasse 44
CH – 4600 Olten

062 296 20 70
Opening hours:
Café & Restaurant
Mo-Fr 11.00-18.00
Sa/So geschlossen

The quality of the food in Bioland is truly outstanding. Fresh ingredients are used. As we learned, you won’t find the spinach in the freezer, instead it always comes freshly from the farmer. The farms that supply the restaurant, are all selected and certified by an organic or Demeter label. There is a choice of four vegetarian lunch menus. At least one of them is vegan. We chose a chick pea mousse with shiitake, fried onion, toasted nuts, filleted orange and a vegetable garnish. We both found it absolutely delicious! This recipe, by the way, was created by Star Chef Vreni Giger, who owns the organic restaurant Jägerhof. The dishes were warm and beautifully done. In addition, there was either a soup or salad as an appetizer. My spinach soup was simple, but tasty. Prospi has decided to fill a plate with the salad buffet. The salad bar was amazing. The selection was great and the salads, Prospi chose, were all very specific and lovingly prepared with spicy dressings.

We were served by the sympathetic owner of the restaurant, which we already knew, because we did one of our first sustainability workshops with common cooking in Bioland. Therefore we were greeted enthusiastically. She explained us well how the lunch menu with the salad buffet works. Also she told the history of the chosen meal, what made enjoying the food an even greater pleasure. As one might desire it at lunch time, there were no long waiting times until our dishes arrived.

Since Bioland is also an organic health food store, there are some shelves filled with products in the room. As a result, the room appears a bit messy. You can not compare it with an exquisite dinner restaurant, but it’s good place for a lunch. The atmosphere is cozy and peaceful. There is a bookshelf with interesting literature to look at, exciting flyera and a loving decor. It is located in a little oasis right next to the train station of hustle and bustle. We were just in transit from Neuchâtel to Basel. With less than a minute away from the train station, the location was absolutely perfect for us.

The value in Bioland is unsurpassable. Without an appetizer the menus cost approximately between 15 and 20 Swiss Francs. You get additional soup or salad for a very small price. The plate, which you can fill with a generous salad buffet, is not as small as in other restaurants.

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Here you can see the large and colorful selection of really tasty salads.

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Prospi chose a sauerkraut and fig salad, a lentil salad with pieces of Apple, fresh wild garlic leaves and a Bean Salad with a delicious dressing (that he kindly very generously shared with me ;)).

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The soup of the day was a delicious spinach soup.

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Although there were two vegan lunch meals, we chose for the same dish. It consisted of a spicy chickpea mousse layered with fried leeks, roasted shiitake mushrooms, roasted sunflower and pumpkin seeds and filleted oranges. It also had a small vegetable garnish.

Do you know Bioland in Olten? Then leave a comment with your impressions. This is valuable to us and to the other readers.

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