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Masseuse Bernadette Seeholzer: «My Blindness Thought Me to Take One Day After Another»

On July 12, 1995, her doctor told her that her optic nerves have gone out. Then it dawned on her, she is blind. Her first thought was, “Life is not possible like this”, not more and not less. Soon it turned out that life is possible, just very different. Find out what she learned in this article.

Bernadette Seeholzer is a masseuse in the city of Basel, who offers classical massages, manual lymph drainages, foot reflex zone massages and connective tissue massages in her own practice called «Massage Seeholzer». We came in contact with her through the therapist platform Coachfrog.

In the past she was a nurse and as a part of a sister’s order she spent 11 years in various African countries and in Germany. in 1995, she went blind and did a formation as a masseuse. After that, she went for 3.5 years to Nairobi, where she worked for a Kenyan chiropractor. When she left the sister’s order in 2004 she returned to Switzerland. As she told us, she had lost her heart in Africa.

Here our portrait of Bernadette Seeholzer.


Taking one day after another

Can you relate to this? You do everything so that life takes the form of what you want, but life itself seems to have other plans. Things don’t manifest themselves as you would like to and the future you’re planning seems to have a will of its own.

Blindness has taught Bernadette to take one day after another. A new life arose from the initial thought that living with blindness was not possible. She now knows that it is not worthwhile to worry too much. Even if, life sometimes seems to be not perfect, it’s absolutely ok and she is grateful for the day.

Taking one day after another means to deal with reality as it presents itself at the moment. According to her experiences, living life according to her own ideas doesn’t give her better results than engaging in the present moment.

I want to implement this in my own life as well. My future expectations are often illusions only in the now things appear clear and calm, in the now I find calmness and happiness.

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Hidden forces

Within us slumber hidden forces, to which we have access in difficult times, then when we most need them. When everything is fine we are usually unaware of these forces. Bernadette experienced this directly.

With this knowledge, we can look ahead with a clear conscience. No challenge is too big and no journey too difficult. Even in the darkest times we don’t have to worry about the future. I believe these forces are hidden in every one of us and in you as well.

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Finding yourself

Often we are busy with everything, that is outside of our sphere of influence. We tend to forget our own priorities and our own well-being.

Massages help us to find ourselves at a physical and at a mental level. During massages Bernadette experiences this on herself as well as on her clients. The massages are sometimes accompanied by discussions about anything and everything, and sometimes by silence. Silence bring one even deeper to oneself. It’s through finding yourself that you can feel yourself and your needs.

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I like to find myself in meditation. Listening to yourself is reflected on your own well-being and health. We also addressed that in an earlier portrait with Melanie Gerber.


You can find out more about Bernadette Seeholzer in our video interview with English subtitles.

Download the MP3 in Swiss German


Kathrin Lehner and Arzije Abid from Coachfrog connected us to Bernadette Seeholzer. Coachfrog is an online platform where you can search for therapists, trainers and coaches, who can help you with specific problems and needs. Thanks to the platform you can exactly find the right therapist for you in the big sea of coaches.

More on Bernadette Seeholzer

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From Bernadette I learn to be in the now and to live life as it presents itself to me in the moment one day after another.

What are you taking with you?


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