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Artist Tita Costa: «The Freedom Within»

Tita Costa is an artist from Porto, Portugal, who in our eyes reflects personal freedom and resilience. As you may already know Lisa and I go to Portugal every year, enjoy the culture, the weather and visit Lisa’s family (maternal), which originally comes from Porto. Tita is Lisa’s aunt living in Portugal with whom we have always had inspiring talks about life and the world. For Lisa, she is not only an interesting conversation partner but also a role model.

Do you know the feeling that you must do something? The feeling of being in a constant struggle? To stand in a cul-de-sac and have no choice? Tita shows us that there is another way, and that each and every one of us carries freedom within himself.

Here our portrait about Tita Costa.
Tita Costa

Personal freedom

In Tita’s life personal freedom has always been an important part. To her freedom is something we seek, but also something that comes to us. Knowing that with resilience we have the power to influence our future. Making compromises not because we have to, but because we want to and because it makes sense for us.

She believes that most of what happens to us happens because we allow it, even illnesses and negative experiences. That’s why she sees no point in complaining about circumstances. Therefore, to her there is no reason to complain, because she knows it’s all based on free will. The experiences that come with it develop her personality and teach her essential lessons. She turns obstacles into opportunities.

For her Personal freedom means respecting yourself and not including things that do you no good in your life. As an example, she mentioned movies, which convey the impression that shootings, raping and dishonesty are normal. We are constantly given evidence that it’s normal, but it’s not. This gives a false impression of the world, in particular to children.
There are so many other realities and values that they can integrate into their lives. Which brings us to the next point.

Relationship to basic life

According to Tita, the relationship to the most basic things in life helps us to realize our personal freedom and to integrate it into everyday life. This includes maintaining the relationship to the environment, creating things with your own hands, to cook, to make pottery and much more. All of this shows us an alternative to a lifestyle, in which we invest our whole time in making money, to finally pay for comfort. The relationship with the simple things gives us a more direct access to freedom and happiness.
I experience the feeling of freedom, when I crop the first tomato of our balcony garden, when I do my daily work with passion, or when I write an article for you. What makes you build a relationship with basic life?

Tita represents this in her life as an artist. Her focus is on working with textiles, which includes spinning, dyeing, weaving and sewing of clothes. She also creates things, which allow her to be self-sufficient, such as homemade soap or devices, to save power and money.

Spinning wheel.

Homemade soap.

Pot warmer, that Tita got from a friend. It consists of two polyester bubbles (also straw, wool or maize leaves possible) filled cushions. This keeps food hot for up to 5 hours. A simple tool to save power daily.

As a human and as an artist she feels obliged to do things her way to strengthen her resilience and her own middle. This gives her the power, the knowledge, the happiness and the freedom to live life according to her wishes.

Tita’s main lesson: “Togetherness”

When I asked her for her most important lesson learned, the answer was clear: togetherness. Based on her experience, we only realize the power that is in us, to manifest through togetherness. When alone it’s often absent. She noticed it not from seeing the power of togetherness, we sometimes take for granted, but from looking at people who are left alone on the edges of our society and have no network to rise. Such exclusion is also seen in families where family members are isolated, because they seem different and are different. What’s left is only a shadow of their true self.

For Tita, togetherness includes that everyone can interact on the same level. She sees no future in pyramidal structures.

I also see this aspect in our culture, which glorifies consumerism, competition and status and gives us the impression that we are all separate individuals, who do not belong together and have to look primarily for themselves. This separates us from each other and from our true human nature. Through togetherness, we shine.

Freedom through alternatives

Alternatives to so far perceived options increasingly open up the borders of our society and help us realize our freedom as individuals and small groups.

Tita was forced to natural healing practices. As a child, she was put into quarantine for 20 days, far away from her parents and siblings. An infectious disease had broken out, although she has been vaccinated against it. She also experienced in other situations how conventional medicine was failing more and more, didn’t bring expected outcomes, and in some cases even made things worse. Certain diseases, only by their name, feel like death sentences. Fortunately these can often be cured, since there are various people who are working to uncover the new solutions that are available. Tita now also implements natural healing practices for herself and others. She sees and experiences how they work successfully.

In natural healing, as well as in other areas of life there are alternative solutions to social problems popping up everywhere that are publicly available for all of us via the Internet. The knowledge that we are not stuck in a dead end, makes us free. The approaches and the contribution which we, you and me, make through our life, are like an unstoppable wave, which makes us and the whole mankind free. It takes only one person to deliver a kick-off. Each and every one of us has a big responsibility.


You can find out more about Tita Costa, in the complete recording of the interview.

Tita told us her favourite phrase.

Only the one that saves himself, is the one that is saved.

For her it’s clear that only the person who works on designing his life according to his desires is able to live the life of his dreams. The power to do that comes from within, it’s not an outside force.
Tita emphasizes that these are her personal thoughts and that it’s not her intention to say, this is “The Way”. This is her way. Your path may be different. Maybe you find your middle elsewhere. Because where you find your own middle, there you’re strong.

If you want to start to perceive your personal freedom, you’ve probably already done this. If this is something that you want, you’re already there. Things flow to you. It’s just a making a choice. Take the next step.

From Tita Costa I learned on the one hand, that life is not a struggle and on the other hand that there is nothing I must and that I don’t allow. Personal freedom is within me.

What are you taking with you?


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