Welcome on the blog about our journey to real life!

We are Prosper and Lisa, a young couple living in Switzerland. Together we love to dance tango, discover new places, do gardening on our balcony and visit museums or restaurants. Prosper does online marketing and Lisa works as a feminine energy coach and babymassage instructor (Instagram:

For us, “real life” refers to living in harmony with ourselves, our fellow human beings and nature as well as experiencing plenty of moments of deep pleasure of life
. What exactly does this mean? We don’t know it either. But we have already been searching for it for some time and are constantly moving closer to our vision. The way is the goal. As we have experienced so many amazing things on this way, that we would have wished to share with the whole world, we decided to start a blog.

Among others, this blog contains recipes for the real delight of dishes made out of real (and plant-based) ingredients, reviews of organic restaurants, stories about inspiring people and events, tips for more closeness to nature and more happiness and other positive aspects of live.

Another purpose of this blog is to exchange with you and to learn from your experiences! We are looking forward to your tips, comments, stories and questions.

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In this article, you’ll find out why we are on a plant-based diet: Why plant-based (vegan)?
This is one of our favorite desserts: Lemon Tart (with 4 ingredients)
And this is an absolutely delicious main dish we eat very often: Spicy Beans with Cashew Sour Cream

Here our manifesto: