I am Rita, 30 years old, Portuguese, and currently living in Cambridge, Uk. I am an archaeologist and I’ve previously worked and lived in Portugal, Spain. My love and respect for Nature and the environment led me to adopt a plant-based/vegan lifestyle and to live with more awareness and care. I try to do the best I can to live a sustainable life and whilst doing so, I’m constantly learning and growing.

Keeping optimal health, both mental and physical, is essential in this journey and became a great area of interest. Consequently, I did my online Level 4 Certified Nutrition Diploma which gave me more knowledge about nutrition, as well as it has woken up my interest in cooking plant-based & whole foods. Optimal health is not achievable only by a balanced diet, and exercise – although digging and yoga, some of my favourite things in life – help. Mental health, which is as important as our physical health, plays a crucial role, and we should nourish our mind with the best ‘food for thought’.

Lisa and Prospero were and are unquestionably a great inspiration in my journey and now, they gave me the opportunity to gather together all the different areas of interest into the To Real Life, and I hope to make justice to the incredible job they have done. Unfortunately, I don’t speak German, so To Real Life will continue only in English. I hope you dive in this journey with me and that I can inspire you with recipe, tips & stories, as Lisa, Prospero and many other people inspire me!  

But what is “real life”? As Lisa and Prospero defined: 

«For us, “real life” refers to living in harmony with ourselves, our fellow human beings, animals and nature as well as experiencing plenty of moments of deep pleasure of life. What exactly does this mean? We don’t know it either. But we have already been searching for it for some time and are constantly moving closer to our vision. The way is the goal. As we have experienced so many amazing things in this way, that we would have wished to share with the whole world, we decided to start a blog.»

Here is the Journey to Real Life Manifesto: