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Autumn Bowl with Thyme Squash, Fried Mushrooms, Quinoa and Almond/Dill Dressing

I love the cooking concept of bowls. You simply combine different delicious dishes, nicely arranged in bowls, to get an even more delicious complete meal. It is advantageous to choose components with different colors so that the bowl looks particularly beautiful. You can use all your leftovers in bowls, which is great. You can also be creative and add whatever you feel like today. The world of plant-based foods is so incredibly versatile. I am still thrilled every day. ?

Of course, I only use local and seasonal vegetables in my bowls. What Swiss nature has to offer in autumn, is fantastic. This is why I’ve decided to write down the recipe for an Autumn Bowl.
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How to Make Sprouts in 3 Easy Steps

Sprouts are true wonders of nature. They can be sown every day of the year and neither need ground nor direct sunlight. In a few days, the vitamins contained in the original seeds multiply up to 1200% and a glass filled with sprouts develops from a handful of seeds. In addition, they are great additions to your plates.

In this article, you’ll learn how you can grow sprouts yourself in easy steps and how you can use the sprouts in your everyday life. In addition, at the end of the article, there is a sweepstake to win a sprouts glass and a seed package. 😉 Continue Reading

The Vegan Market

12 Discoveries at the First The Vegan Market in Zurich

Sustainable Swiss gourmet chocolate, impressive aloe vera leaves, vegan wines and fresh do-it-yourself sprouts. There were many interesting products to discover and a supporting program that focused on the background of the products at the first The Vegan Market in Zurich.

I was particularly fascinated by the diversity of the young and established companies who aim to support the change of the existing product landscape with their plant-based products, while enriching our society.

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