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12 Discoveries at the First The Vegan Market in Zurich

Sustainable Swiss gourmet chocolate, impressive aloe vera leaves, vegan wines and fresh do-it-yourself sprouts. There were many interesting products to discover and a supporting program that focused on the background of the products at the first The Vegan Market in Zurich.

I was particularly fascinated by the diversity of the young and established companies who aim to support the change of the existing product landscape with their plant-based products, while enriching our society.

Here 12 discoveries from The Vegan Market in Zurich.

Vegan wine and vegan beer

“What is not vegan in wine?”, Is a question that comes up again and again. That’s why we asked the experienced organic wine dealer Angelo Romanin from St. Gallen, who was represented with his booth Romanin Weine, about the backgrounds.

Wine as such is a purely plant-based product, which is produced by the fermentation of grapes. Suspended matter remains from the grape processing. The wine is clarified with the use of gelatine (made from animal connective tissue such as hides and bones). Since gelatine is very cheap, it is applied to the production of most wines. With vegan wines, this process often happens with bentonite (mineral earth) or with a manual process.

Many premium wines such as Mouton-Rothschild are already vegan and the process of producing biodynamic wines with a “Demeter” label is vegan as well. Romanin Weine has 220 vegan organic wines.

A clarification process with gelatine is also often used in beer. The naturally marshy beer is almost always vegan at the same time. The producer of natural beer LägereBräu was also represented with a stand and a tasting of their beer varieties.

Cultivating Sprouts Yourself

Marco Vonmoos from has been working on developing a seed-glass set, which makes sprouting seeds easy and accessible to all for years. Sprouts are germinated and sprouted seeds which are particularly fresh and contain many enzymes, proteins and secondary crops. They can be made from legumes such as lentils and chickpeas, spices such as buckwheat clover and mustard, as well as cereals, vegetables and many other seeds.

A few weeks ago we bought a seed-glass set from and enjoy the sprouts freshly cultivated by us.

Unprocessed Organic Aloe Vera Leaves and Plants

Aloe vera ingredients are found in many cosmetics and health products. The plant is contributed soothing and healing properties. It is also full of vitamins and minerals.

I was very surprised to find a stand at The Vegan Market selling unprocessed organic aloe vera leaves and plants. These are offered by the biotech engineer Ibtissem through her online shop


h2> Sustainable Gourmet Chocolate from Switzerland </ h2>
Löw Delights brings fresh air into the Swiss chocolate scene. They make handmade and love infused gourmet chocolate from fair cocoa productions. The high quality standard can really be tasted. Similar to Journey to Real Life, they are convinced that enjoyment and sustainability can be combined, which is why all products except one are vegan.

Even More Chocolate 🙂

In addition to Swiss chocolate, there were also traders such as Yumraw, who distribute raw, vegan organic chocolate from all over the world. For example, the depicted raw chocolate from the Australian company Loving Earth, which bring a new taste experience into the chocolate experience.

Tasty Organic Spices without Additives

As seen on many food events, whether vegan or not, the stand of Christoph from Vita Naturalis was also represented. They distribute Pfiffikuss products, which are mainly known for their organic Pfiffikuss powdered condiment. Pfiffikus reminds of other spices such as Aromat or Mirador, with the great difference that neither flavour enhancers nor milk proteins or sugars are used.

You can see and taste the intense taste of the vegetables, herbs and spices.


h2>Wheatgrass Juice </ h2>
A new discovery for me was the LiveWheatgrass wheatgrass juice. Wheatgrass is a superfood that is recommended by many sides. It’s called a Superfood, since it contains an extremely high nutrient density of various vitamins and minerals.

The intense taste of wheatgrass fits well to my taste and I will therefore consider to take full-fledged wheatgrass products to me in the future.

Sacha Inchik, the Inka Superfood

Also to be found were the Bergolio products from the still less known Sacha Inchik Nuts. These nuts come from the Andes in Peru. It’s a millennial plant, which was also consumed by the Incas. The nuts are one of the largest plant omega 3 and 6 fatty acid sources.

The Sacha-Inchik flour, we got from the market can also be interesting for drinks.

Sustainable Cosmetics

Also present were several cosmetic product stands, which are based on 100% natural ingredients and are animal-free. For example, the Gaia butter depicted in the photo, which is free of water, alcohols, parabens, petroleum oils and any other additives.

The soothing cream was developed by a tattoo artist who did not find a sustainably produced and effective skin care cream on the market for the delicate skin of his freshly tattooed customers.

Plant-Based Product Innovations

On the ground floor of The Vegan Market there was a special exhibition of Veeconomy named “New Plant-Based Brands”. Veeconomy is an importer of exclusively plant-based innovative and sustainable products. As part of the supporting program, interesting products where presented for tasting such as broccoli chips, sweet ginger drinks and Vegan Jerkys.

The tasting was performed by Theo Favetto, whose passion for innovative plant-based products is felt with every word that comes from his mouth.

Vlowers Magazine

Also included was Vlowers, a vegan magazine and a breakfast café in Zurich. Founded by Sandra Weber, Vlowers Magazine regularly presents dedicated people and great Swiss projects.
After we have already been part of the breakfast café, I decided to support this great project with a magazine subscription.

Food Stands at The Vegan Market

At the first The Vegan Market there were several food stands in the outdoor area. The food was very good. I have tried everything and especially liked the Tibetan Momos in the photo.

In this article, I have shown you only a small selection of the discoveries. To make your own experiences it’s worthwhile to visit the next The Vegan Market.

We are curious about what The Vegan Market will bring us in the future. 🙂


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